Polish representation at the BTL fair

POT has returned to the BTL fair in Lisbon

The BTL fair in Lisbon inaugurated this year’s season of tourism promotion on the Portuguese market. This is the first event to take place in person since the pandemic. POT presented a wide range of Polish attractions. Warsaw, Kraków and numerous Polish travel agencies were also promoted at our stand. 
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Winners of the 2nd call for proposals for the Polish Tourist Brands project

The results of the second edition of the “Polish Tourist Brands” project are in

Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, EnoTarnowskie, Łódź and Poznań have been named the best in the “Polish Tourist Brands” [Polskie Marki Turystyczne] project. Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, State Secretary at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, and Anna Salamończyk-Mochel, President of the Polish Tourism Organisation, presented the certifications during a ceremony held in Kielce on Monday 7 March 2022.
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Polish delegation to the fair in Budapest

POT promotes Polish health tourism in Hungary

Travel Exhibition tourism fair was held in Budapest. The Polish Tourism Organisation had prepared a rich portfolio of health services and health resorts in Poland. The event was also an excellent opportunity to strengthen relations with the medical tourism industry.
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Meeting of representatives of the V4 Group countries

POT at Discover Central Europe Networking Day

A meeting of representatives of the V4 Group states is taking place in Budapest with the slogan “V4 Presidency of Hungary – Recharging Europe”, highlighting the latest trends in tourism related to technology, sustainable development and educational projects. The event is organised by the Hungarian Tourism Organisation.
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Examples of the use of the Weiwei mascot

Weiwei Stork – a new mascot promotes Poland in China  

Weiwei Stork is a new mascot of Poland, designed to promote our country on the Chinese market. The Polish Tourism Organisation and the Polish Institute in Beijing want to capitalise on the popularity of the mascot phenomenon in connection with the recent 2022 Winter Olympics.
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