POT has returned to the BTL fair in Lisbon

The BTL fair in Lisbon inaugurated this year’s season of tourism promotion on the Portuguese market. This is the first event to take place in person since the pandemic. POT presented a wide range of Polish attractions. Warsaw, Kraków and numerous Polish travel agencies were also promoted at our stand. 

Polish representation at the BTL fair

Lisbon has just seen the BTL International Tourism Fair, to which Poland had returned after several years of absence. This was the first tourist event on the Portuguese market to be held in the traditional, in-person format since the COVID-19 pandemic. Our tourist offer was presented by a number of partners. Warsaw and Kraków were present at the national stand, as well as a very strong representation of Polish travel agencies: Furnel Travel, Jan-Pol, Mazovian Travel, Mazurkas Travel and Poland Tour.

The Polish Tourism Organisation treats our presence at BTL as an investment in the short and midterm. It is intended to contribute to the full reactivation of incoming tourism from Portugal following the lull in travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have promoted our country as an attractive destination for a dynamic profile of the Portuguese tourist, who, in addition to traditional religious programmes, will also find historic and yet green cities keeping to sustainable tourism.

The reception of Poland is also affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine. Our country is praised for its solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Among others, the president of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, expressed his thanks when visiting our stand.

The POT International Office in Madrid (which also serves the Portuguese market) was involved in intensive promotional activities around the Lisbon fair. In cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Lisbon, a meeting was held with the media, resulting in numerous interviews with television and industry press. Intensive promotion was also carried out online, with a particular focus on social media.

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