About the program



The Polish Congress Ambassadors Program is being implemented with the cooperation of the Polish Tourism Organisation and a non-Governmental organisation, the Conference and Congress Association in Poland, which was established to promote Poland as a place for international congresses and conferences.

The main objective of the Polish Congress Ambassadors Program is to gain congresses for Poland, ensuring at the same time effective assistance with attracting similar events to our country, by Polish people working within the structures of international organisations, e.g. scientists and specialist from various fields.

Similar programmes are also being used by many countries in the world as a successful international marketing tool.

So far, the title of Polish Congress Ambassador has been awarded to 270 people, and a group of outstanding personalities from the world of economics, science and culture have taken part in the Project Chapter. The task of the Project Chapter, chosen every 3 years, is to select a group of Polish Congress Ambassadors - people who would be able to promote Poland as a place for the forthcoming international events and publicise information about Poland’s best points, within their international environments.


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