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Elżbieta Penderecka
President, General Director, Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival
Member of the Chapter of the Polish Congress Ambassadors Program in 2012-2015

"Poland’s accession to the European Union in May 2004 resulted in a significant increase of the number of congresses, seminars, symposia and conferences staged in our country. Its setting in the very centre of Europe puts Poland in a privileged position of a bridge between the European Community and countries that have not yet joined the European Union, especially former members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. This special status should be used not only to hold meetings connected with specific fields of science, culture and tourism – but to enliven the regional relations of Polish economy. This is an ambitious task also for more than 150 members of the National Chamber of Commerce – regional, industry and bilateral economic chambers and organisations and institutions statutorily supporting the country’s economic development. The organisation of international meetings in Poland is an excellent promotion for the country and national economy, an opportunity for effectively developing its innovations and boosting its competitiveness. In addition, it offers a chance to actively participate in the process of building a global economy, as well as to productively support Polish entrepreneurs in foreign markets, with particular emphasis on the European Union”.

J._Lipkowski Prof. Janusz Lipkowski PhD hab
The Chairman of Warsaw Scientific Society
The Leader of The Polish Congress Ambassadors Chapter in years 2005-2009, 2009-2011 and 2012 -2014

”I would like to encourage everybody who considers the organisation of international conferences in our country to become acquainted with the Programme by contacting the Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourism Organisation.”

Prof. Jerzy Woy-Wojciechowski PhD hab, MD
Honorary President of the Board of Directors, Polish Medical Association
Member of the Chapter of the Polish Congress Ambassadors Program in 2012-2015

"No internet, telephone or satellite transmission will ever replace contact with a live human being. Face-to-face conversations, shared experiences and direct discussions are feasible only in the case of congresses, conventions and conferences. Only they make it possible to form friendships and exchange opinions plus offer a chance of international cooperation, training of assistants, etc. On the spot, you can become familiar with the achievements of organisers, such as hospitals, research labs, buildings, etc. During international congresses you get to know (and usually also like) the host country, and this is something that no film or brochure can offer. After many years you might not remember the “latest achievements” showcased at a congress, but you will recall social gatherings, elusive aromas, candlelit evenings, parts of concerts, flavours of national dishes, and the people that you would like to meet once again”.


Prof. Wojciech Witkiewicz PhD hab, MD
The Chairman of the Voivodeship Specialist Hospital, Research & Development Facility in Wrocław 
The President of the Governing Board of the Polish Surgeons Association 
Member of the Therapy and Medicine Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Polish Congress Ambassador 2009

”The Title of Honorary Polish Congresses Ambassador is an honour, privilege, but also an obligation. It is an encouragement to take on assignments with the objective of promoting the image of Poland’s regions and achievements worldwide. By acting within scientific, economic, cultural and health organisations, and participating in international meetings, the candidates nominated for this honourable citation are spreading knowledge about their city, region and country, and fulfilling the social role of Polish Ambassador.”

Prof. Janusz Frączek PhD hab, Eng

The Professor of Warsaw University of Technology
The Head of the Machine and Robot Theory Department
Polish Congress Ambassador 2009

”Activity in the world of science requires not only conducting research, but also the promotion of one’s own achievements in the international community. The most convenient form of this promotion is scientific and business meetings. The Polish Congress Ambassadors Program gives significant help in planning and organising such meetings. The programme brings benefits not only to its organisers, but also, in the broader meaning, it promotes and publicises information about society, culture and our country. As Polish Congress Ambassador, I would highly encourage everyone to integrate activities to assist the organisation of scientific and business meetings within our programme”.


Prof. Andrzej Teodorczyk PhD hab, Eng
Full Professor of Warsaw University of Technology 
The President of the Polish Combustion Institute
Polish Congress Ambassador 2008

"By working in such a narrow scientific field as combustion, I am recognised and trusted enough for the international organisation to entrust me with organisation of meetings and conferences, which, besides their content value, are a great opportunity to promote Poland. It is very rewarding.”



Prof. dr hab. inż. Mieczysław Kuczma
Vice-Dean for Science of the Faculty of Civil and Transport Engineering
Poznan University of Technology
Member of the Committee on Mechanics of the PAS
Ambassador of Polish Congresses 2020

“Ours are the times of another technological revolution (Industry 4.0), the basis of which is the information revolution. We have been witnessing how artificial intelligence enters new areas of human activity. Humanoids are produced that can replace humans in some range of activities and decision-making. The digitalization of various industrial processes should be considered as a positive direction for the development not only of technology, but also of civilization. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about new forms of contact and cooperation between people: remote and hybrid work, including congresses, meetings and trainings on-line. However, we should use the new IT solutions with great caution when interpersonal communication is concerned, so as not to diminish it to mere exchange of information. And it is precisely for these "human" reasons that the organization of congresses and face-to-face meetings is extremely necessary and important to ensure real contact between people in order to avoid total digital mediation of interpersonal ties. The Ambassadors' Gala 2023 in Gdynia is a great example of how to use new technologies and simultaneously establish and strengthen interpersonal ties. The very idea of the whole Polish Congress Ambassadors Program additionally maintains the conviction that it is worth organizing events thanks to which interpersonal ties are strengthened. The very idea of the Polish Congress Ambassadors Program additionally maintains the belief that it is worth organizing events thanks to which interpersonal ties are strengthened”


prof. dr hab. inż. Józef Modelski
Przewodniczący Polskiego Komitetu Narodowego URSI
Dyrektor Instytutu Radioelektroniki i Technik Multimedialnych
Politechnika Warszawska

"The Polish Congress Ambassadors Program run jointly by the Association of Conferences and Congresses in Poland SKKP and the Polish Tourist Organization POT is an unparalleled aid tool in obtaining rights to organize international congresses in Poland. International congresses mean knowledge transfer, innovation, economic development, positive impact on the community and promotion of Polish science and our country. Polish scientists are valued experts in various fields and we have significant achievements that we can be proud of on the Polish and international arena. Conferences and congresses are an excellent forum for achieving this goal and it is worth making efforts to ensure that as many such events take place in our country as possible. Thanks to cooperation with the above-mentioned organizations (SKKP and POT), in 2026 Poland will host the largest scientific symposium organized by the International Union of Radio Sciences URSI."


Sławomir Olejnik
Prezes Fundacji Polska Innowacyjna

"Each event organizer is guided by private, social, or business goals and beliefs. It is very pleasant to be able to join the group of people distinguished and appreciated by the tourism industry. It is gratifying that, in addition to why and for what purpose, projects are carried out, this is also noticed by the nationwide environment of the event and tourism industry. I hope that in the nearest future, it will be possible to meet the majority of honorary Ambassadors of Polish Congresses."


Marcin Wemus
CEO Invest Cuffs Foundation

"The Invest Cuffs Congress is an annual investment congress organized since 2013 in one of the most modern conference centres in Poland ICE Krakow.

Every year, the Congress attracts more participants, including retail investors from all over Poland, representatives of brokerage houses, banks, brokers, investment funds, crowdfunding companies, market experts, and those who are just starting their investment journey. During the IX edition, Invest Cuffs gathered over 7000 visitors.

This event is the only place where, over the course of two days, anyone interested in investing can find what they’re looking for by participating in a number of lectures and debates with leading experts from the financial and investment industry. The Congress is accompanied by the Trade Fair Expo Invest Cuffs, which attracts over 70 exhibitors annually. In addition, Invest Cuffs organizes a festive Gala, where prizes are awarded to the most significant entities and personalities in the Polish and international financial and investment markets.

In May 2023, as the President of Invest Cuffs Foundation – Education and Development of Financial Markets, I had the great honor to receive the Statuette and the Title of Polish Congress Ambassador given by the Association of Conferences and Congress in Poland and the Polish Tourist Organization. The Polish Congress Ambassadors Program is a unique project supporting the efforts and activities of organizers of international conferences in every field. Thanks to such initiatives, Polish organizations, companies and outstanding personalities have the opportunity to appear on the world stage, and Poland in the eyes of the world is becoming an attractive investment market."


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