Rafał SzlachtaRafał SzlachtaPresident of Polish Tourism Organisation

Rafał Szlachta is a Polish diplomat, businessman and an international advocate for sports and tourism. Until January 2020 he held the position of Director of Department of Tourism in ministries in charge of economy, where he was responsible for setting directions of and prioritizing the Department’s operations. He also supervised the implementation of tourism promotion activities in domestic and global market. Rafał Szlachta co-created the support instruments for the industry affected by COVID-19 implications, including the tourist voucher and the so-called tourist shield. Previously, he operated his own business in. i.a. the tourism sector. He organized leisure activities for children and young people and co-owned a Thai restaurant in Kraków.

Rafał Szlachta boasts many years of experience gained as, i.a. President of Polish Muaythai Federation, Vice President of the International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IMFA) and Secretary General of the European Muaythai Federation (EMF). When fulfilling these roles he headed international projects and managed large teams.

The list of Rafał Szlachta’s many accomplishments also includes co-organising the Days of Thailand - the 2017 edition on the Vistula boulevards in Warsaw and the 2016 edition in Kraków’s Small Market Square.

Rafał Szlachta graduated from Faculty of Tourism and Leisure at the University of Physical Education in Kraków. He also holds a post-secondary degree in public administration and local government. In 2019 Rafał Szlachta began working on a Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Warsaw’s Faculty of Management. He is a fluent speaker of English and Russian.

Arkadiusz Opoń - Vice President of Polish Tourism Organisationa.opon.jpg

In recent years Arkadiusz Opoń has served as Deputy Director at Podkarpackie Voivodeship Office’s Department for Civil Affairs and Foreigners, where he directly supervised processes related to obtaining legal immigration status and was in charge of Asylum, Migration and Integration Foundation’s projects aimed at foreigners. Previously he worked at Podkarpackie Marshal’s Office in Rzeszów, the Office of Podkarpackie Voivodeship’s Sejmik, as well as in the Department of the Implementation of Regional Operational Programme’s Infrastructural Projects. Arkadiusz Opoń is also experienced in managing local websites. Member of the Krosno City Council in 2010-2014.

A graduate of Tischner European University in Kraków in international relations, Arkadiusz Opoń also completed post-graduate studies in human resource management at University of Rzeszów and in public administration at University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów.


A. Salomończyk.jpgAnna Salamończyk-Mochel – Vice President of Polish Tourism Organisation

Anna Salamończyk-Mochel is a manager boasting impressive experience in executing the management process: resource planning, utilisation and organisation, team management, steering and impacting interpersonal relations, as well as deliverables control. In recent years she has served as President of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Foundation and Head of the Erasmus+ Programme National Agency. Earlier she gained experience at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as head of the minister’s office. Before joining the civil service, she was involved in the training industry as a coordinator of projects targeted at the travel sector, such as “Green Company” and “Training Flavours”.

Salamończyk-Mochel has many years of experience in projects focused on building international cooperation between educational and training institutions in the context of implementing learning mobility opportunities - educational and scholarship tourism.

Anna Salamończyk-Mochel holds an MBA degree in management from Łazarski University and a master’s degree in Romance studies from Pedagogical University of Kraków. She also completed post-graduate studies in public relations and human resource management at Tischner European University in Kraków.


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