Departments and Offices


Strategy Department together with duties of Director of the Department of Marketing Instruments

Director: Teresa Buczak 


Department of Marketing Instruments



Department of Tourist Products and Regional Cooperation

Director: Jacek Janowski 

Vice-Director: Wojciech Ścibor


Department of European Funds together with duties of Director of the Office of Union Projects

Director: Anna Zabłocka-Sztyber


E-information Department

Director: Magdalena Ragus

Vice-Director: Arkadiusz Osipiuk


Financial Office

Director: Bartłomiej Karolczyk

Chief Accounting Officer: Halina Trojanowska


Administrative and Organization Office

Director: Urszula Jasińska 


Press Office

Acting Press Officer: Grzegorz Cendrowski

tel: +48 606 909 202


Self-contained positions:

Human resources and training - Alicja Grabowska

Internal audit - Ewa Kalaman-Szymerska

Occupational health and safety - Beata Musiał

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