#PomagamUkrainie - humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine

In response to the attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister has launched a special website for those fleeing from Ukraine and those who want to help them. Want to take part in this effort? Know someone who is looking for help? Go to, fill out the form and show your support for our neighbours in their hour of need!


The goal of is to coordinate the humanitarian aid provided by the Poles to Ukrainians. The portal is designed to improve the assistance, both on the giving and receiving ends. The online form allows specifying the sort of help offered or needed, such as shelter, transport, food, employment, clothing and medications. More details on: 

Since 26 February, Ukrainian citizens can, after crossing the Polish border, travel in Poland free of charge on trains operated by the PKP Intercity company (the economy class coaches in both TLK and IC trains), including transfers within the Polish borders. In order to use the free service, travellers will need to show a passport certifying Ukrainian citizenship.

In addition, the National Health Fund (NFZ) announced that citizens of Ukraine in need of medical care would receive the necessary assistance to the same extent as Polish patients with the same coverage principles. The cost of such health services will be covered by the state budget.

All persons fleeing from Ukraine from armed conflict who do not have a place of residence in Poland can go to one of the reception points. They will receive information about their stay in Poland, a meal, basic medical care, a place to rest. They will also be directed to temporary accommodation.

Humanitarian aid is coordinated by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior and Administration, the Government Agency for Strategic Reserves and governors of respective voivodeships.  


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