Paweł Błasiak i Rafał Szlachta

POT and WOPR Together for Water Tourism

On 10 November 2021, Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) President Rafał Szlachta and Volunteer Water Rescue Service (WOPR) President Paweł Błasiak signed a cooperation agreement at the WOPR headquarters.
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Founding members of the Wrocław Tourist Organization

Founding of the Wrocław Tourism Organisation

WROt, or Wrocław Tourism Organisation, was established in Wrocław’s Old Town Hall. Its main objective will be to coordinate and unify the promotion efforts of the city, its institutions and businesses. Wrocław wants to seek tourists even more effectively, which is particularly important for an industry that has been hit hard by the pandemic.
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Journalists from France visit Krakow

French Journalists Explore Małopolska

The Polish Tourism Organisation recently organised a trip to the capital of the Małopolska region for influential French journalists. The invitation was connected with the launch of a new flight from Paris to Kraków by France’s Transavia airline.
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Artur Pielaszek, Amanda Wang, James Liang, Marcin Różycki

Heads of China’s leading tourist platform visit Poland

At the end of October, representatives of the Group came to Poland: President and co-founder, James Liang, and General Manager of Destination Marketing, Amanda Wang. The guests from China were met by Marcin Różycki, Vice President of POT and Artur Pielaszek, Deputy Marketing Director.
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Polish representation at WTM London 2021

POT at the 2021 WTM fair in London

After a year-long break caused by the pandemic, one of the world’s largest trade fairs, the World Travel Market in London, has returned in person. As is already the custom, the Polish Tourism Organisation prepared a large and attractive national stand, showcasing 14 exhibitors as well as cities and regions. 
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Aneta Książek and Tomasz Rudomino at a meeting at the Embassy

POT at the ICCA Congress in Paris

During the gala ceremony held at the Polish Embassy in Paris, concluding the ICCA Congress, it was announced that Kraków had been elected to host the 61st ICCA Congress in 2022! Winning the honour of hosting the International Congress and Convention Association is a huge success not only for the city of Kraków but also the entire Poland.
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Polish stand at the fair in Copenhagen

POT at The Quality Fair in Copenhagen

For the first time since the pandemic-related restrictions, Copenhagen saw The Quality Fair held in the traditional formula. The Polish Tourism Organisation was there to promote large cities, coastal attractions and mountain leisure, among other things.
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