POT at industry workshops in Portugal

The Polish Tourism Organisation remains active in promotional activities on the Portuguese market. The latest such event was the participation of a series of industry workshops in Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon, organised by Publituris.

Polish booth at a workshop in Portugal

The so-called “Roadshow” of Publituris, Portugal’s leading travel trade news, is one of the major B2B events on the tourist market in Portugal. It is geared towards domestic and foreign tourist destinations, tour operators, hotel chains and airlines.

The International Office of the Polish Tourism Organisation in Madrid (responsible for the market both in Spain and in Portugal) took part in workshops in three Portuguese cities: Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon. This marks another round of promotional efforts in this market on the part of POT. Creating a positive image of Poland as a well-organised and safe country whose main characteristic is solidarity is currently a key task of the Madrid office.

Portuguese travel agents are increasingly interested in engaging with the Polish industry and expanding the tourist offer to our country. We hope that the interest in Poland and the warm reception of the POT International Office at the workshop will result in a speedy return of tourists from Portugal to our country.


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