The POT International Office in Berlin wins a prestigious award!

The International Office of the Polish Tourism Organisation in Berlin is among the winners of the “Verkehrsbüro des Jahres 2022” competition. Our outpost in Germany, which ranked 5th among the best-rated national tourist organisations, has been recognised for working with the media. 

Award for ZOPOT Berlin

This marks the seventh time already that the Berlin office of the Polish Tourism Organisation won the prestigious “Verkehrsbüro des Jahres 2022” (“Tourist Information Office of the Year 2022”) award. This year, our representative on the German market came in 5th and was recognised for its cooperation with the media. The office in Berlin is gradually improving its achievements in this competition. In 2020, our facility was ranked 7th and last year, 6th.   

The awards in the “Verkehrsbüro des Jahres 2022” competition are given out annually by the renowned German federation of travel journalists SRT. Considered as the “Oscars” of the tourist industry, these awards are an excellent recommendation for recognised offices and countries.

Journalists evaluate foreign and national offices in four categories: the knowledge of the represented country, responses to media queries, the quality of press releases as well as the organisation of press conferences and press study trips. The jury consists of tourist journalists from all over Germany.

The success of the POT International Office in Berlin is the result of a hard work to build and maintain good relations with magazines and journalists. 


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