Promotion of Polish cities in women’s magazines in Belgium

The Polish Tourism Organisation has carried out an image campaign in the largest women’s magazines in Belgium: the Dutch-language Libelle and the French-language Femmes d’Aujourd’hui. Large cities with a wide range of tourist attractions were the subject of promotion this time. 

Photographs of Poznań, Warsaw and Gdańsk

As part of marketing activities carried out on the Belgian market, the Polish Tourism Organisation carried out an image campaign aimed at the female audience. In total, 12 articles were published in two most popular magazines for women, the Dutch-language Libelle and the French-language Femmes d'Aujourd'hui. The authors of these publications were journalists from both these titles.

The articles featured photos and quotes from social media posts. Some of the main protagonists included Gdańsk and the region of Pomorze, Warsaw, as well as Wielkopolska with Poznań. The campaign was organised in cooperation with the Pomeranian Regional Tourism Organisation, the Warsaw Tourism Organisation, the Poznań Tourism Organisation and the Wielkopolska Tourism Organisation.

Libelle and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui have a combined reach of more than 1.2 million readers and are ahead of magazines such as Elle or Marie Claire in popularity.


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