POT at Discover Central Europe Networking Day

A meeting of representatives of the V4 Group states is taking place in Budapest with the slogan “V4 Presidency of Hungary – Recharging Europe”, highlighting the latest trends in tourism related to technology, sustainable development and educational projects. The event is organised by the Hungarian Tourism Organisation.

Meeting of representatives of the V4 Group countries

The meeting began with a discussion panel attended by the heads of national tourism organisations from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland. The Polish Tourism Organisation was represented by the Vice Director of the Marketing Department, Artur Pielaszek. The debate focused on the most important tourism products of the V4 Group. The Visegrád Group countries shared their experiences in active tourism, health tourism, gastronomy and architecture.

The second part of the event is an industry-oriented workshop based on interactions between service providers and hosted buyers. Poland is represented by five sellers: Furnel Travel Int., Poland Travel, Jan-Pol Incoming tour operator, Mazurkas Travel Poland and Supertour DMC. The event is attended by some 200 buyers from Russia, Israel, Spain, Serbia, Italy, France and Romania.

The goal is to help those who visit countries in Central and Eastern Europe discover their cultural heritage and explore tourist attractions, which in turn will translate into economic growth in the V4 Group countries.


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