Wrocław: The Odra River – the Venice of the North

DURATION: 3-7 hours, PAX: 50 max

Wrocław is one of the city agglomerations called the Venice of the North. There are currently from 118 to 130 bridges and footbridges in the city. This fact is not surprising, because water in Wrocław is almost everywhere. Apparently, the most important is the Odra River, but there are also canals and tributaries of the Odra River, Oława River, Ślęza River, Widawa River, Bystrzyca River, several dozen of smaller and larger rivers, brooks, plenty of drainage ditches and the City Moat. All of these factors enable the creation of various types of incentive travel tours according to the water-related top city tourist attractions in Wrocław. Event organizers have at their disposal a number of beach bars, which are very popular among tourists. Thanks to the city beach bars, the close surroundings of the Odra River have flourished again. In addition, access to the rivers allows the organization of various types of water activities - kayaks, boats or cruises. The city of Wrocław has also many unique facilities, such as the Hydropolis  - the center of knowledge and information about water, in which you can learn not only the secrets of water, but also deepen your knowledge of the world. An interesting fact is the choice of place for this venue – as it is located in the former clean water tank from 1893. Each of the 9 thematic zones shows water from a different perspective. Furthermore, we can also focus on the additional attraction – the cableway Polinka, which connects the main campus of the Wrocław University of Technology with the campus on the other side of the river (located at Grobla). Moreover, The Old Town archipelago of islands is also located on the Odra River. It consists of 6 islands: Słodowa, Tamka, Daliowa, Bielarska, Młyńska and Piasek. The Słodowa Island is the most popular, thanks to its open space, it creates many opportunities for both tourists and residents of Wrocław. The proper atmosphere of these places make them the best places for an integration meeting or a chill out area destination.


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