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Łódź is located in the very centre of the country, just 120 km away from Warsaw. This location at the junction of two main transport routes makes it a very important spot on the logistic map of Poland. Despite its proximity to the capital, Łódź has maintained its unique and cosy atmosphere. The historical city centre is filled with original tenement houses, palaces and former textile factories from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when Łódź was one of the biggest textile industry hubs in Europe. In recent years those palaces and factories have been converted into modern, unique venues for every kind of event – from small local meetings to big international congresses. A wide range of hotels, attractions and MICE facilities that offer high-quality services for a reasonable price, together with the fact that the city is not overcrowded, makes Łódź one of the best destinations for business travellers in Central Europe.


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