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Pomerania and its capital city of Gdańsk have more to offer than you might realise. Want to know what’s on the tourism menu? Wide, clean, sandy beaches on the Baltic Sea? Absolutely. Let’s also add the moving sand dunes of Łeba and the incredible Hel Peninsula. Do you like medieval castles? Well… we have plenty of those, including the biggest brick castle on the planet: Malbork, just 70 km from Gdańsk. If we’re talking about Gdańsk, it is a unique and old city with enough rich history for several cities of comparable size. Full of magnificent Gothic buildings, historical churches, fascinating museums and charming streets lined with amber stalls, Gdańsk invariably impresses and fascinates. From Gdańsk it’s just a 20-minute ride to Sopot with Europe’s longest wooden pier and all the restaurants, pubs, cafés and discos you can imagine. Add to that the unique Kashubian region with its hills, pristine forests, blue lakes and friendly people – all of this starting just 30 km from Gdańsk! You don’t have to leave home to experience magic. Go ahead, discover it for yourself!


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