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Wrocław is a city teeming with life, culturally diverse and loved by crowds of tourists. This is confirmed by the European Best Destination award received in 2018 and recommendations in foreign media, such as The Telegraph and The Guardian. The community of tourists in Wrocław strongly emphasise its charm in their statements: "It’s a city I knew little about before arriving, but it’s one I certainly won’t forget; Wrocław was astonishingly beautiful and far exceeded any expectations I could have had" ( As a host city of numerous international events, it attracts not only tourists but, above all, representatives of the business world. Wrocław constantly confirms that it is a meeting place where science meets entertainment, history and modernity meet a thousand-year heritage, where different cultures, religions and ways of life merge. The words of IFLA President Donna Scheeder speak for themselves: "This is my third visit here and I feel a bit like this is a second home”.


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