Wrocław: Street Art

DURATION: 2-5 hours, PAX: 20 max

Wrocław is a unique city, where you can see not only unique monuments, but also organize incentive travel while exploring Wrocław street art. Event participants will be able to discover a gallery of neon lights, city murals or unusual staircases in Wrocław tenement houses. The outdoor gallery of neon lights is located at Ruska Street. We will have an opportunity to see, among others, sentimental neon lights the former “Dworcowe”, “Ognisko” and “Warszawa” cinema neon signs, the huge Elam from Chorwacka Street, “Rumcajs” from Powstańców Śląskich Street, “Moda Polska” from the Market Square of Wrocław and the Grand Hotel neon from Piłsudskiego Street. All neon lights, presented in the outdoor gallery, come from the collection of the Neon Side Wrocław foundation. Going further, when we will choose the trail of Wrocław murals, we will have an opportunity to discover amazing graphics, which are real pieces of street art. When it comes to the murals’ topic, Wrocław Nadodrze is the most famous mural district of the city. Taking a walk along Wrocław murals is one of the most inspiring artistic experiences. It is also a great fun for those, who want to explore Wrocław secrets. We can not forget about our unusual staircases. Participants of incentive travel will be able to take an unforgettable photo walk along Wrocław tenement houses and discover totally different views.


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