Wrocław: Delicious city

DURATION: 3-7 hours, PAX: 30 max

Wrocław is a unique place, where different cultures and traditions combine. This phenomenon has put an impact on the current shape of the city. Nowadays, Wrocław is a mixture of many culinary traditions. The post-war inhabitants of the city came here from different parts of Poland and the world, bringing their local recipes with them. As part of incentive travel inspired by cooking, we can offer an extremely "aromatic" city sightseeing trail. Our local chefs will be honoured to provide incentive travels participants workshops inspired by the old Breslau cuisine. In addition, it is worth to try our native spirits and craft beers during the Vodka Tour and the Beer Tour. In accordance to the above mentioned, it will allow all participants to familiarize themselves with the traditions of Polish brewing and distillation. Wrocław abounds in places, where we can drink good craft beers. They have aroused out of passion and love for beer and have proved that Wrocław brewing is still in a good shape. It has returned to the roots: traditional methods, the highest quality ingredients and a real brewing process. The most popular of them are the Brewery Workshop, the Profession Brewery and the 100 Birdges Brewery. Moreover, the city is famous for its amazing culinary places on the map of Lower Silesia. Event participants can also make their own sweets and take part in an unforgettable live cooking show. There are also culinary studios in Wrocław, which offer participation in creative cooking workshops. Workshop participants have the opportunity to prepare dishes from world cuisines under the guidance of professionals. Thanks to their passion, a great atmosphere is created by combining fun with learning.


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