Warsaw: Cultural Tour

DURATION: 4-5 hours, PAX: 100, ORGANIZER: Travel Projekt

Warsaw is a great place to start exploring Poland. The capital of the country, the seat of many international institutions, a city rich in magnificent monuments, which literally drowns in greenery. Our adventure with Warsaw starts almost from the bird's eye view, from the XXX floor of the Palace of Culture and Science, which is still the highest building in Poland. This place is mainly associated with the times of socialist realism, so we will continue our journey around Warsaw in vehicles from that era, wonderful coaches called "Cucumbers". In the royal park "Łazienki", a favourite place for walks and rest of locals and tourists, we will take a bit of shade and chill before our next attraction, which will be a ride in historic trams. A typical Warsaw band and good drinks will make our journey more pleasant. A walk through the Old Town is a real feast for the eyes, and each of the monuments we pass could tell us an interesting story about themselves, the University of Warsaw, the Royal Castle, the Old Town Market Square. Warsaw is also the city of Chopin, his youth and music, so at the end of our cultural tour we invite you to a Chopin recital with an interesting story about the great composer.


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