Kraków: Culinary Tour

DURATION: 5-6 hours, PAX: 100, ORGANIZER: Travel Projekt

Kraków, the medieval capital of Poland and a city that never sleeps. We enter it through the Florian Gate, the only preserved and at the same time the main city gate. We invite you for a unique walk through the Old Town of Cracow, during which both, monuments and specialties of Polish cuisine will play the main roles. Tasting of potato pancakes with boletus sauce, delicious hot chocolate from Wedel Café, sour soup served in bread and a local ring-shaped bread “obwarzanek”. All this will be enriched by tasting Polish vodkas together with typical local appetizers. The programme also includes a visit to the Cloth Hall and Collegium Maius, as well as the famous St. Mary’s Trumpet Call. As a surprise, there is one more task ahead of us related to Polish cuisine. We join it in a brilliant moods buying ingredients at the local market for the well known Polish dish, pierogi, which are famous dumplings filled with meat, cabbage&mushrooms, potatoes&onions&cottage cheese or fruits. You will learn, how to prepare this specialty, roll and wrap the dough with different fillings and finally taste it. Each participant as a souvenir will receive an apron, pierogi-recipe and Polish home made tincture.


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