TAURON Arena Kraków

TAURON Arena Kraków is a multifunctional venue that enables the organization of online and hybrid events of a different nature and scale (e.g. trainings, conferences and also sports events like tournaments, matches). We offer not only basic equipment but also the support of technicians. Mobile equipment allows to organize online events in any of our spaces – eg. the VIP lounge, the conference room, the Small Hall – also the ones that can accommodate a large number of people. An additional asset is a location in the city centre (only 4 km from the Main Square), free car park and extensive backstage area for organisers (e.g. sports changing rooms, the press conference room).


  • Black Magic Web Presenter
  • Camera Canon  XF100


  • 2x Quadralite videoled 600
  • 1x Quadralite videoled 1000


  • Microphone RODE NTG1
  • Microphone Shure Headset (SM 31FH, GLXD1; GLXD4)
  • Studio monitors Genelec
  • Console Allen & Heath qu-16, GLD-80
  • Microphone Audiotechnica AEW-T5400a

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