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The studio is located in two conference rooms of the hotel Novotel Airport Warsaw, the total area of the studio space is 400m2, expandable to 600m2. The unique design of the stage consists of three independent LED screens HDP3 and the LED floor. The total area of the LED screens is 55 m2 , and the stage area is 60m2. The studio is also equipped with a permanent lighting infrastructure and permanent Internet connection 80/80MB. The offer is each time calculated on the needs of the client, so we can adjust the technical requirements to the budget of the event. The studio is ideal for live events, but also for recording. At the same time, we provide: extensive parking, catering, accommodation for speakers and staff, dressing rooms, and the ability to arrange additional spaces within the hotel for online/hybrid events.

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  • Screen LED HDP3 6x3,5m 2 pcs ( 42m2 ) Refresh Rate 3 840
  • Screen LED  HDP3 2x3,5m 1 pcs ( 7m2 ) Refresh Rate 3 840
  • Screen LED FLOOR HDP3 2x3m ( 6m2 ) Refresh Rate 3 840
  • 4 pcs Screen LED 55’’, including a prompter for presenters
  • Processor RGB Link X3IT-One
  • Media server: Disguise D3, Resolume 7
  • RGB Link 628 Pro
  • Master Cue
  • Windows laptops
  • on request we are able to meet any requirements of the rider


  • 14 x Robe 800
  • 4 x Robe 1200
  • 6 x Robe Pointe
  • Console : Grand MA 3Full
  • Other lighting: on request we are able to meet any requirements of the rider


  • Microphones Shure UR 4D
  • Microphones Shure BLX
  • Listening Microphones QSC
  • Console Behringer X32
  • Console Allen&Heath Q16

STAGE - stage size: 12x5m, depth at sides of stage 3m  


  • LED RBG curtain screen 24m2 [PL]

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