Dom Dobrego Dźwięku

Dom Dobrego Dźwęku is located in Dobry Dźwięk Technika Eventowa company in Poznań.

For professional space, we have all the technologies necessary for the production, registration and streaming of events on the Internet. It is a place on the surface of our studio to suit the individual needs of the client. It is the perfect choice if you plan to organize, for example: conference or event for clients, webinar, premiere new products, TV show, concerts, to produce a music video. Specification: dimensions: 120 sqm. (4 meters high), 2x bathrooms (with toilets), 2x wardrobes, kitchen, car parking (monitored).


  • screen LED P3 HD Black SMD - indoor (5m x 3m); pixel 3,9mm
  • screen LED P3 HD Black SMD - indoor (3m x 3m); pixel 3,9mm
  • setting the LED screens in the letter "L"; any arrangement according to the client's requirements
  • screen LED P2 HD SMD– indoor; pixel 2.6mm
  • screen LED P5 HD FLEX - indoor/outdoor; pixel 5,9mm
  • BARCO S3-4K image processor
  • BARCO E2 JR image processor
  • ATEM 2 M/E Broadcast Panel
  • Blackmagic HyperDeck rekorders
  • vMix/Resolume graphic stations
  • multimedia lecterns with preview (front – monitor 40”)
  • MicroCue2, presenter
  • 43” preview screens / prompters with a timer function
  • SONY full HD digital cameras


  • 16 x MARTIN Mac Quantum Profile – Spot type movable heads
  • 12x Prolight STARK 1000 – Wash type movable heads
  • 12x Robe Robin Pointe – Beam type movable heads
  • 16 x DTS Nick Wash 600 – Wash type movable heads
  • 16x Sunstrip active – incandescent lamps, divided, 10 modules
  • GrandMA2 Light – lighting controller
  • Road Hog 4 – lighting controller


  • Sennheiser ew100 microphones
  • Sennheiser ew500 microphones
  • in-ear monitors Sennheiser ew300 IEG G3/G4
  • listening monitors L-Acoustics X12
  • Allen&Heath dLive S5000 – digital mixer + stagebox
  • Allen&Heath SQ5 – digital mixer + stagebox
  • Allen&Heath ME1 – personal mixers

STAGE - stage size: 7x5 m + 5x3 m


  • quadrosystem 290 construction (envelope over the entire studio space)
  • full surrounding of the space (black stage horizon with non-flammability certificate)
  • the surface of the studio is lined with black material [PL]

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