AVATARLAND - Virtual Exhibition and Convention Center

Virtual world Avatarland is built to hold tens of thousands of users, all connected through innovative and proprietary voice technology that make communicating and connecting as easy as speaking to the people around you.  Avatarland aims to revolutionize the world of remote work, distance learning, and online events. Engaging virtual environments of Avatarland replicate real world dynamics and social interactions. We can recreate your office, event, or university while maintaining a sense of community and culture in ways that video, chat, and email just can't. People logging into the Avatarland platform become avatars. They have at their disposal an island with meeting rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums up to 1.000 users, an EXPO exhibition zone and various spaces for integration - a football pitch, motorboats, beaches, a stage on the roof or a music club. Attendees of Avatarland events feel happy and stay longer at events than on Zoom or Teams messaging.

Virbela is compatible with almost any PC or Mac computer. Just download the client, and you're ready to go. No extra gear required.  In virtual worlds, companies can set the stage—or expo hall—for new ways of gathering online and driving revenue.

Familiar Presentation Tools - it’s easy to give captivating keynotes with slides, websites, screen-sharing, laser pointers, sticky notes, and more.Screens in conference rooms and at EXPO support pdf, ppts, keynote, mp4 and youtube formats.

Stages can support multiple avatars or your speakers can choose to broadcast their webcams to create an even more dynamic experience. We can make any event space as your own by adding images, videos and interactive websites. There are ample areas for sponsor package promotion.

Spatialized Voice - Avatars in Avatarland can talk to each other. Speech gets quieter and louder as you move, just like it does in real life, allowing dozens of separate conversations in each area.

At each stage of the event organization, the technical team of the event agency is watching over it, which helps in the implementation and preparation for the event.

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