Alvernia xR

Alvernia xR is located in Alvernia Planet.

The venue is located in the south of Poland, ca. 30 km from the centre of Kraków and 47 km from Katowice, in the vicinity of two international airports: Kraków Airport (23 km) and Katowice Airport (73 km). Alvernia xR offers over 10,000 m² for adaptation provided in 11 domes offering the possibility to run parallel events. Either of the two largest domes offers an area of 2000 m² with a ceiling as high as 15 m, and a diameter of 48.5 m. Alvernia xR offers a range of compact sets ready-to-use, as well as the possibility of preparing sets dedicated to individual customer needs. Stages in Alvernia xR are prepared for conducting online events, also in augmented reality technology. Each package offers ready-to-use solutions, such as the option to use a library of visuals developed by own specialists. Alvernia xR offers also creative support: from the concept to the creation of a unique scenario, preparation of original visuals, and the management of the event.


  • ADARA STAGE: three-plane (3D) multimedia space built on revolutionary Unilumin Unano P 1.8 LED panels to ensure the highest quality and visual impressions, he screens are built to the size of 7×4m (either wall), and an LED P 5.9 floor of 7×7m (permitting vehicular access)
  • ATRIA STAGE: arced UNILUMIN Upad III P 2.6 LED screen offering the impressive 20×5.5m (optionally extendable to 60×6m), the ceiling built of P 5.9 panels, featuring mobile side screen
  • MIZAR STAGE: three multimedia set options based on high-quality Unilumin Upad III P 2.6 panels: 5m x 3m / 8m x 3m / 8m x 3m with additional side panels
  • HADAR STAGE: three-plane (3D) multimedia space based on the revolutionary Unilumin Unano P 1.8 LED panels assuring the highest quality and the best visual effects; with the screens of 3.6×2.5m (either wall) and P 5.9 LED floor of 3.5×3.5 metre
  • RIGER STAGE: two-plane (2D) multimedia space based on the revolutionary Unilumin Unano P 1.8 LED panels assuring the highest quality and the best visual effects; with the screen of 2.7×3.5m and P 5.9 LED floor of 4×2.5 metre
  • production equipment includes BARCO e2, mediaserver disguise 4×4 pro, and Barco FSN mixer
  • complete system for production including BARCO S3 and cameras

STUDIO LIGHTING - front, back, and effect lighting

AUDIO - on request


Dome 3: 2000 sqm, 15 m high, 50 m diameter

  • ADARA STAGE: 7m x 4m each wall / 7m x 7m floor
  • ATRIA STAGE: 20m × 5.5m wall (option 60m × 6m) / 12m × 6m ceiling / 4m x 5m side screen

Dome 1: 600 sqm

  • MIZAR STAGE: 5m x 3m / 8m x 3m / 8m x 3m + side panels
  • HADAR STAGE: 3,6m x 2,5m each wall / 3,5m x 3,5m floor
  • RIGER STAGE: 2,7m x 3,5m wall / 4m x 2,5m floor


Power supply

  • two underground medium-voltage 15kV power connections (to GPZ Wola Filipowska and to GPZ Alwernia)
  • two medium-voltage (MV) transmission stations
  • power distributed in 2N system based on two electric generators 1056 kW each
  • system of outdoor heavy fuel will tanks, with a total capacity of 12 m³
  • UPS power supply system operating in N+1 mode
  • power backup system ready to provide power up to 10kW/rack
  • system for monitoring power supply parameters


  • optic fibre cabling based on Panduit and Corning components
  • optic fibre multimode and singlemode infrastructure: Corning J-VH 12G50 900m TB3 eSX+, Pretium 550, and J-VH 12E9 900m TB3 OS1
  • star-architecture OF and wire cabling
  • altogether 60 42U racks, assembled in three sections of 20PCs each
  • structural cabling based solely on Panduit components and category 6 SFTP 4x2/0.5 LSOH wiring
  • two independent Internet connections
  • possibility of constructing another independent optic fibre connection delivered by Netia, and running along the belt of greenery separating the carriageways of the A4 motorway
  • lift for transporting people and equipment

Full equipped back stage (toilets, wordrobes, bistro, kitchen). [PL]

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