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In the podcast "Destinations as the Driving Force of a Conference" special episode Bregje Frens - de Leeuw, representing Conferli - The conference matchmaking platform, engages in a captivating dialogue with Aneta Ksiazek, the Head of the Polish Convention Bureau within the Polish Tourism Organisation.


The discussion explores Poland's unexpected charm, exceeding expectations, and investigates why Poland distinguishes itself as an attractive MICE destination for event organizers. Make sure not to miss the special surprise at the end—an exclusively curated song for MICE professionals. Tune in and don't miss this distinctive episode!

The conversation kicks off with insights from IMEX Frankfurt 2023, where PolandCVB's Musical Mornings and IMEX Galleria activities received positive feedback. Aneta highlights the bureau's commitment to creating lasting memories, not just at trade shows but also during congresses and conferences held in Poland.

Aneta provides an overview of the Poland Convention Bureau, emphasizing its role in showcasing Poland as a prime destination for conferences and conventions. Situated in Warsaw, the bureau aims to make event planning seamless, from selecting venues to sharing cultural insights.

Wieliczka, home to the UNESCO World Heritage site Wieliczka Salt Mine, takes the spotlight as a must-visit destination in Poland. Aneta describes the underground wonderland's unique features, reinforcing Poland's rich history and craftsmanship.

The podcast explores the significance of the 61st ICCA Congress held in Krakow in 2022. Aneta sheds light on how the event showcased Poland's ability to host world-class gatherings, boosting its reputation and opening doors for future collaborations in the international meetings and events industry.

Aneta delves into the Polish Congress Ambassadors Program, recognizing influential individuals globally. The program, a partnership between the Polish Tourism Organisation and the Conference and Congress Association in Poland, has honored 300 individuals to date. Aneta expresses pride in the program's growth and impact over the past 25 years. Gala events, held in various Polish cities, serve as significant highlights of the program, showcasing the unique potential of each locale. Poland's impressive rankings in ICCA and UIA further underline its position as a leading MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) destination.


The Head of the Poland Convention Bureau discusses plans, introducing Local Congress Ambassador Clubs and extending a warm invitation for business travel to explore Poland's potential. The podcast concludes with a teaser for the Eventprofs Creator Lab (#EventprofsLab) project, leaving listeners eager for more insights into Poland's role in the global events landscape.

For those interested in learning more about the Poland Convention Bureau, the episode offers a wealth of information and an invitation to connect with Aneta and her team, ensuring a seamless experience for associations planning events in Poland. The Conferli Podcast promises more enlightening episodes, encouraging listeners to stay tuned for future discussions on the dynamic world of conferences and events.

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What is Destinations as the Driving Force of a Conference podcast?

Destinations as the Driving Force of a Conference is a Conferli podcast hosted by Bregje Frens - de Leeuw, Co-Founder & CCO at Conferli. Across 19 episodes, they delve into the pivotal role of selecting destinations in orchestrating impactful conferences. Join the exploration with destinations and event professionals, uncovering valuable insights. Don't miss the highlights and understand the significance of choosing the perfect destination for creating unforgettable conferences.

Destinations as the Driving Force of a Conference conferli podcast

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