Poland Rocks at IMEX Frankfurt 2023 - Networking and Collaboration Opportunities Galore

At this year's IMEX, the Poland Convention Bureau team embraced the power of sensory marketing to create captivating experiences and evoke positive emotions among our guests. With a strong focus on engaging the subconscious of consumers and visitors, we aimed to leave a lasting impression. Our Polish stand boasted an impressive lineup of 18 vendors, each showcasing their exceptional products and services. The event also witnessed hundreds of scheduled business meetings at the national stand, further highlighting the dynamic networking opportunities our presence generated.


Meet us at the stand

This year Poland exhibited a 90 sq m stand with a zone for conversations and networking. We were delighted to be ICCA`s stand neighbours, many memories from the 61st  ICCA Krakow Congress came back.

As someone who has been an avid participant in the IMEX fair for many years, I can confidently say that my experiences and insights have been invaluable since 2004. However, this year holds a special significance for me as I find myself overwhelmed with happiness and pride in witnessing the remarkable achievements of the Poland Convention Bureau team, in collaboration with industry professionals. Our collective efforts, spanning from curating captivating music experiences to meticulously managing every detail of our stand,, have culminated in an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. We witnessed many o positive feedback from the visitors, shares Aneta Ksiazek, Head of Poland Convention Bureau.

IMEX FRANKFURT MESSE Polish Tourism Organisation eventprofspl imex23 polandcvb

Poland is well known for its hospitality so we served 10 tasty Sękacz Cake straight from the Podlasie region and many premium sweets and local produce. The aromatic scent of coffee could be felt within a radius of several meters.

All of this contributed to the perfect atmosphere for conducting business conversations. Our partners conducted over 300 officially scheduled business meetings on the Polish stand. Furthermore, numerous unofficial meetings took place throughout the expansive premises of Messe Frankfurt and during additional events, amplifying the networking possibilities and expanding collaboration prospects.

During the course of two days, the dedicated team at Poland Convention Bureau successfully conducted over 30 scheduled business meetings. We had the privilege of discussing possibilities of cooperation with esteemed meeting professionals from Europe, Asia, and the United States, reveals Jaroslaw Marciuk, Chief Marketing Specialist at Poland Convention Bureau. It was particularly noteworthy to witness the keen interest from US representatives who explored the potential of Poland due to many major investments of American IT companies in our country - the leader of Central Europe. This presents a remarkable opportunity for the growth of events, incentive travels, hotel bookings, and unique services within the Polish MICE industry, adds Jaroslaw Marciuk.

Music and Let` Talk Business

This year at IMEX, the Poland Convention Bureau team was focused heavily on sensory marketing, we wanted in this way to affect the subconscious of consumers and visitors by generating positive emotions and experiences together with our guests. We also wanted to contribute in a special way to IMEX`s Human Nature theme of this year's trade show.

Music is a universal language that transcends barriers and connects people on an emotional level. It has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions, express individual and collective experiences, and foster a sense of community.

Each day kicked off with an invigorating event called Musical Mornings, located in the lively Galleria between Hall 8 and Hall 9. It was impossible not to notice it, and most importantly to hear it. The captivating melodies and mesmerizing voice of Basia Giewont echoed through the space, captivating the attention of everyone passing by. The atmosphere was electric as participants made their way to their stands, with many stopping to enjoy Basia's performances and capturing them on videos to relive the musical magic later.

At the end of the second day, Musical Happy Hour at the Polish stand attracted many fair participants willing to try Polish delicacies and listen to a live performance of a song written by Brian Allan, especially for this occasion - Let`s Talk Business. The Musical Happy Hour attracted many trade fair participants who joined in the collective singing and they generated a lot of positive emotions among the guests and exhibitors at Messe Frankfurt It was a Happy Hour of strengthening human relations at the Polish national stand.

In total Poland delivered 5 hours of live music (Galleria and Hall 9) and 1 Musical Happy hour at a Polish stand G440 (Hall 8).

IMEX Frankfurt 2023

Poland at IMEX Frankfurt 2023 in numbers

  • 1 chillout #PolandCVB zone in the Messe Frankfurt Galleria
  • 1 special song LET's TALK BUSINESS
  • 1 special edition of the international Think MICE Magazine
  • 1 dedicated mobile photography workshop for meeting planners #EventprofsLAB
  • 2 musical ambassadors: Basia Giewont & Brian Allan
  • 2 dependable and welcoming hostesses, Karolina and Inga, always greeted guests with a smile and created a hospitable atmosphere
  • 18 MICE partners at the stand
  • 25 square meters of eye-catching promotional posters in the Messe Frankfurt Galleria
  • 33 social media posts- Poland Convention Bureau among Top 10 content creators sharing posts, photos and videos on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for those who couldn’t attend this year`s edition of IMEX (Brand24 Report)
  • 40 stairs in the Messe Frankfurt Galleria inviting visitors to the Polish stand
  • 44 Polish event professionals representing convention bureaux, DMCs, ITCs, PCOs, congress venues, hotels and airlines
  • 311 scheduled official business meetings
  • 500 pressed juices, energy drinks and lemonades by Ann Lewandowska
  • 1000 aromatic coffees and teas from Olle Café

Come to Poland, the perfect place, To host your event with style and grace

The Polish Tourism Organisation's Poland Convention Bureau took charge of organizing the Polish representation at the prestigious IMEX Trade Show held in Frankfurt am Main. The highly anticipated trade show, themed Human Nature, spanned from 23rd to 25th May 2023. The Polish stand, situated in Hall 8 and identified by the number G440, showcased the diverse offerings of Poland to the global audience.

Polish MICE professionals at IMEX Frankfurt 2023

Poland Convention Bureau IMEX profile - click the link. This year at the national stand, business offers will be presented by:

  1. ICE Kraków Congress Centre
  2. Creative Poland
  3. DMC Poland
  4. G2A Arena Rzeszow - Convention and Exhibition Centre of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship
  5. Gdańsk Convention Bureau
  6. Furnel Travel International
  7. Kraków Convention Bureau
  8. LOT Polish Airlines
  9. Lublin Conference Centre
  10. Łódź Convention Bureau
  11. Marriott International – Polish National Sales Office
  12. Mazurkas DMC Poland
  13. Poznań Convention Bureau
  14. Poznan Congress Center
  15. Silesia Convention Bureau
  16. TARIFA Poland DMC
  17. Travel Projekt DMC Poland
  18. Warsaw Convention Bureau

IMEX Frankfurt Poland eventprofs

Thank you for your amazing cooperation in Germany

  1. Basia Giewont & Team
  2. Brian Allan
  3. Karolina & Inga (Kar Events)
  4. Olle Cafe - master roasters
  5. PRESS and Photographer: Think MICE, Michał Kalarus
  6. Stand Constructor: OMD
  7. POT TEAM: Konrad, Kasia, Karolina, Przemek
  8. PCB TEAM: Aneta Książek, Magda Mazgaj i Jaroslaw Marciuk

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