AI in the Meetings Industry - Report from the Eventprofs Creators Lab Session at International Congress Center in Katowice

On March 22, 2024, an exceptional event took place at the International Congress Center in Katowice - another edition of the Creators Lab, organized by the Polish Tourist Organization - Poland Convention Bureau. This time, the main topic was the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) in the meetings industry. The training session was led by experienced experts: Piotr Szkoda and Jacek Adamczak from


During the meeting in Katowice, which consisted of training and discussion, participants had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of using artificial intelligence in creating digital content. Thanks to the practical knowledge presented by Piotr Szkoda and Jacek Adamczak, participants could explore the possibilities of various tools, such as OpenAI ChatGPT, DALL-E, ElevenLabs, or Midjourney, and understand how they could be applied in practice.


Furthermore, the experts presented Sora AI, the latest offering from OpenAI, enabling the generation of videos based on textual commands, opening up new possibilities for participants in creating video content.



Not only did the participants acquire new knowledge, but they also had the opportunity to consider how artificial intelligence could streamline their work in the MICE industry and destination promotion. Through practical examples, the Eventprofs Creators Lab training enriched participants with new skills and ideas that they can successfully apply in their daily work.



At the end of the meeting, there was time dedicated to participants' questions and discussion. The primary challenge for those asking questions was issues related to how to combine the authenticity of promoted cities or venues with artificially generated content.

- Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly versatile tool in the process of creating and editing various types of content, including texts, images, videos, and sounds, as well as in managing large datasets. Unfortunately, legal regulations are not keeping pace with this development. Therefore, it is essential for us to consciously consider the possibilities and threats posed by technological progress. It is advisable to monitor advancements in AI and draw inspiration from other industries that benefit from its advantages - said Jarosław Marciuk, Chief Marketing Specialist at Poland Convention Bureau - Polish Tourism Organisation

The Eventprofs Creators Lab in Katowice not only provided participants with new knowledge about the use of artificial intelligence in content creation but also served as an excellent opportunity for exchanging experiences and establishing new contacts in the meetings industry. Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of the experts and the support from the organizers, participants were able to fully leverage the potential of this event, gaining benefits for both the development of their skills and the industry as a whole.

The Eventprofs Creators Lab session was part of the EventprofsPL industry meeting organized by the Poland Convention Bureau for representatives of the MICE sector - convention bureaus, professional meetings and event organizers (PCOs and ITCs), as well as congress and hotel venues.

AI Experts

  • Jacek Adamczak Graphic Designer at For 7 years, he has been designing materials for both digital and print. He completed a UI/UX Designer Bootcamp, where he delved into the secrets of interface design. He is responsible for the visual aspect of the I Love Marketing conference. In his daily work, he uses AI to create and inspire his designs. Privately, he is an endlessly sleep-deprived father of two, listening to audiobooks about the operations of special services and murders on his way to work. He is also a fan of obstacle course racing, who loves... cheese above all > > LinkedIn
  • Piotr Szkoda AI Product Manager at, formerly SEO Manager at, where he ensured the quality of services and the SEO team. Co-creator, mentor, and lecturer of the Junior SEO Specialist Training for Coderslab. Certified business trainer at the SET Academy. From the beginning, he has been testing AI assistants, believing that they will support, not replace people in the marketing world. He believes that broad knowledge and market insight have immense value in today's marketing world, which is divided into many specializations. > LinkedIn


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Eventprofs Creators Lab - educational project for the MICE industry

The Creators Lab project, an initiative of the Polish Tourist Organization - Poland Convention Bureau, has been supporting industry professionals since February 2023 through organized meetings, training, workshops, or online consultations where participants can learn about the latest online marketing tools and trends. The name of the project refers to the creative space where experts and creators can develop their skills and create various forms of digital content.

More information about the project and its summary can be found here Eventprofs Creators Lab for the MICE sector. Previous Creators Lab sessions

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