Lublin: A Rising Star in Europe's MICE Landscape

Upon the invitation of the Lubelskie Convention Bureau, a representative from the Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourist Organisation participated in a study visit to Lublin. The capital of the Lublin Voivodeship boasts modern conference facilities and hotels that meet the expectations of both Polish and international event organisers. Lublin, with its rich history and the people connected to it, offers fascinating opportunities for storytelling and the organisation of various meetings.


On 26th June, Dorota Lachowska, Director of the Lublin Regional Tourist Organisation, and Jarosław Marciuk from the Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourism Organisation conducted a series of meetings at hotels and conference venues in Lublin. The main aim of the visit was to familiarise themselves with the city's offerings for organising congresses, conferences, and other business events. As part of the programme, they visited:

  • Lublin Conference Centre (Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne)
  • Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin (Centrum Spotkania Kultur)
  • Mercure Lublin Center Hotel
  • Wieniawski Hotel
  • IBB Grand Hotel Lublin
  • National Museum in Lublin (Muzeum Narodowe w Lublinie)

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the individuals involved who actively contributed to the preparation and execution of this endeavour. The report and information about Lublin's venues are provided below.


Lublin Conference Centre

The need to create favourable conditions for organising business meetings in Lublin was recognised by the voivodeship authorities many years ago. This foresight led to the establishment of a unique conference complex, the heart of which is the Lublin Conference Centre (LCK). Situated amidst the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, the Philharmonic, and the Musical Theatre, the LCK offers top-quality modern event spaces.


From the moment you enter, the LCK radiates positive energy. The spacious Atrium houses a reception desk, a café, and the latest exhibition area designated for displays, as well as the Auditorium. Altogether, the Lublin Conference Centre offers 11 comfortable conference rooms, equipped with the highest quality audiovisual equipment. Each room can be flexibly arranged according to the needs of event organisers. The most prestigious room for conferences and congresses is the Antoni Patek Room, which can accommodate up to 150 people in theatre seating.


Since 2020, four of the rooms also function as studios for organising hybrid and online events. An example of an online event hosted at the LCK is the "Event Online Session from Lublin." On the sixth floor, there is a viewing terrace, a restaurant, and "LuCeK" – a unique goat that is another attraction on the Lublin Goat Trail.

The surroundings of the Lublin Conference Centre also offer numerous advantages. It is located near the oldest and largest city park in Lublin, the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, and conveniently near one of the city's main arteries. Nearby is the academic centre, which includes the Catholic University of Lublin, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University (UMCS), and the University of Life Sciences. A 15-minute walk takes you to the charming tenements of the Old Town, the National Museum, and atmospheric restaurants.

An additional advantage of the Lublin Conference Centre's location is excellent transport accessibility. Located in the city centre, it is easily accessible by any means of transport. The proximity of the railway and bus stations, as well as Lublin Airport in Świdnik, allows for quick and convenient travel. There are also many hotels within walking distance.


The visit to the venue also included a meeting with representatives and a discussion on promoting the venue in the activities of the Lubelskie Convention Bureau and the Poland Convention Bureau. Representing the LCK at the meeting were Aleksander Batorski, Director of the Lublin Conference Centre; Anna Białek, Marketing Department Manager; and Aleksandra Górniak, Chief Sales Specialist.

The LCK has hosted a variety of events, including the International Scientific Conference "Problems and Challenges of Contemporary Oncology," the Virtual Congress of Family Medicine, Lublin Neuroforum, the Corporate Social Responsibility Forum, the 3 Seas Local Government Congress, Education of the Future, Check IT, the International Conference "Innovations in Ophthalmology - Education and Practice," the European Solidarity Workshop, the Lublin Tourism Forum, the Conference of Allergologists, Pulmonologists, and Clinical Immunologists, Passion for Watches - Antoni N. Patek, and the CEE Edu Digital Summit. Additionally, this year, the Polish Tourism Organisation, in collaboration with the Lublin Regional Tourism Organisation (LROT), organised the "Cooperation-Innovation-Sustainable Tourism" conference at the LCK.

For more information, please visit the Lublin Conference Centre website

@callmejaro From the moment you enter the Lubelskie Conference Centre, you can feel a positive atmosphere. The attention is drawn by lamps in the shape of cocoons, which to me, resemble zeppelins. The spacious Atrium houses the reception, a café, the newest exhibition area, and the Auditorium. The Lubelskie Centrum Konferencyjne (@lcklubelskie) offers a total of 11 comfortable conference rooms, equipped with top-quality audiovisual equipment. Each room can be flexibly adapted to the needs of event organizers. The most prestigious room, ideal for conferences and congresses, is the Antoni Patek Hall. Since 2020, four of the rooms can also function as studios for organizing hybrid and online events. On the sixth floor of the facility, there is a viewing terrace, a restaurant, and "LuCeK" - a unique goat that is another attraction on the Lublin Goat Trail. Organizing your event, congress, or conference here is highly advantageous due to the center’s state-of-the-art facilities, flexible room configurations, and excellent technical support. The center’s convenient location in Lublin and its professional staff ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees. This post was created thanks to an invitation from the Lublin Regional Tourist Organization and the Lublin Convention Bureau for a dedicated MICE Trip in Lublin. #letsmeetinlubelskie #lubelskieCB #lubelskieCB_guest #polandcvb Lubelska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna Lubelskie Convention Bureau Dorota Lachowska Marcin Kania Emilia Kwiecień #Lublin #lubelskie #Poland #congresscenter #venue #conference #eventprofs #eventprofspl #meetingplanner #associations #travel #visitpoland @Poland Convention Bureau ♬ Rockin - Chris Alan Lee

Center for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin

The Centre for the Meeting of Cultures (CSK) is the largest cultural institution on the right bank of the Vistula River. CSK is a modern facility of high standard, also intended for organising various business meetings. It features spacious conference rooms and multifunctional spaces equipped with the latest presentation and conference equipment. The heart of the institution is the Opera Hall, which can accommodate nearly 1,000 spectators and is adapted for hosting a variety of events, from modern conferences to symposia. The facility offers a total of several different spaces, including the Large Stage Pocket, Small Stage Pocket, Opera Hall Foyer, and Temporary Exhibition Galleries.


The glass viewing terraces and the City Artistic Apiary on the roof of the building are also worth visiting. Additionally, the rooftop features a garden with vegetation characteristic of the Lublin region. The Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin regularly hosts a variety of regional, national, and international events.

The spaces of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures have also been used as filming locations for several Netflix films, such as Agnieszka Holland's "1983" and "A Girl and an Astronaut." In 2024, a film crew from the streaming platform Apple TV+ arrived to shoot scenes for the third season of the series "Foundation."


An excellent guide through the CSK was Michał Parafiniuk, Specialist for Short-Term Space Rental. Additional information about event organisation possibilities is available on the website

Visited Hotels in Lublin

Mercure Lublin Centrum offers 104 rooms and features modern conference rooms that can accommodate up to 200 people. The hotel’s director, Aneta Barszczewska-Szczepaniak, mentioned that business and conference guests appreciate the hotel’s location, right next to the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures (CSK), the Lublin Conference Centre (LCK), and the Saxon Garden (Ogród Saski).

Hotel Wieniawski in Lublin in Lublin is a boutique establishment with 49 rooms, combining comfort with historical charm. Its Art Nouveau facade from 1912, preserved in its original state, catches the eye and reflects the rich architectural history of the city. During the visit, the hotel’s director, Marcin Kania, emphasised the importance of preserving and promoting regional cuisine and traditional dishes, both in the hotel and its catering services. In the lobby, guests can notice a cabinet with Lublin delicacies, and breakfasts often feature regional dishes, including cebularz.


IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka is a four-star hotel with a rich history, located in the heart of Lublin. This historic hotel, whose building dates back to 1899, impresses with its majestic neo-baroque facade and elegant interiors that transport guests to the belle époque era. The hotel offers 72 stylish rooms that combine historic charm with modern amenities. During the tour, the director, Michał Bienias, mentioned that original frescoes, which have survived for over a century, were discovered during renovation work in the staircase.

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@callmejaro IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka to obiekt z czterema gwiazdkami o bogatej historii, położony w sercu Lublina. Ten zabytkowy hotel, którego budynek pochodzi z 1899 roku, zachwyca swoją majestatyczną, neobarokową fasadą i eleganckimi wnętrzami, które przenoszą gości w czasy belle époque. Hotel oferuje 72 stylowe pokoje, łączące historyczny urok z nowoczesnymi udogodnieniami. Jak wspomniał podczas zwiedzania Michał Bienias, dyrektor IBB Grand Hotel Lublinianka, podczas prac renowacyjnych w klatce schodowej odkryto oryginalne freski, które przetrwały ponad 100 lat Post powstał dzięki zaproszeniu przez Lubelska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna LROT oraz Lubelskie Convention Bureau na dedykowany MICE Trip w Lublinie #letsmeetinlubelskie #lubelskieCB #lubelskieCB_guest #polandcvb Poland Convention Bureau POT #lublin #ilovelbn #lubelskie #lubelskietravel #eventprofspl #eventprofslab #yesimmobile #lublinmiastoinspiracji #architektura #visitpoland #polskatravel #hotel #hotelarstwo #hotelarz #shotoniphone #meetingplanner #hotelier #hotelroom #hotellife @Poland Convention Bureau #ibbhotel ♬ stellar (Sped Up) - .diedlonely & énouement

The National Museum in Lublin at Lublin Castle

The National Museum in Lublin, located in the historic Lublin Castle, is one of the most important cultural sites in the region. It is a place with a rich history where visitors can discover many fascinating exhibits.


  • Chapel of the Holy Trinity - The city's greatest attraction and a gem on a European scale is the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, whose interior is adorned with extraordinarily valuable Byzantine frescoes from the early 15th century. These frescoes represent a unique fusion of Eastern and Western art, making the chapel one of the most important monuments of its kind in Europe.

  • Donjon and View of Lublin - The donjon, or defensive tower of the castle, is one of the oldest preserved elements of the castle, dating back to the 13th century. From the top of the tower, visitors can enjoy an impressive view of the panorama of Lublin, which is a highlight for all who visit. This tower served defensive and residential purposes, and later also functioned as a prison.

  • Permanent Exhibitions - The museum offers numerous permanent exhibitions, including an archaeological display presenting rich finds from the region. The museum's collections also include extensive collections of paintings, including portraits of Polish kings and magnates, which help visitors better understand the history and culture of Poland.

  • "Mówi Obraz" Exhibition - A sensory space of creative experimentation designed for children, introducing them to the world of painting and artistic expression. Enriched with interactive installations and workshop areas, it could also be an ideal venue for organizing creative meetings and team-building activities for employees.

  • "Union of Lublin" by Jan Matejko - One of the most precious exhibits in the museum is Jan Matejko's monumental painting "Union of Lublin," depicting the historic act of the Union between Poland and Lithuania in 1569. This work is one of the most important paintings in Polish art, symbolizing unity and cooperation between nations. It tells a universal story and represents a unique event in Europe that could serve as a profound theme for a congress.


Surprising and friendly places

The renovated Lublin Main Railway Station is an example of modernization that blends modernity with the historical character of the 1877 building. The reconstruction included both technical infrastructure and aesthetic aspects of the building, preserving original architectural details from the early 20th century. The station offers modern amenities such as spacious waiting rooms, modern ticket counters, and clear signage, significantly enhancing passenger comfort.

The Metropolitan Station in Lublin, which opened in January 2024, quickly became one of the city's newest attractions. Its modern architecture and advanced ecological solutions, such as photovoltaic panels and traffic management systems, attract the attention of both residents and tourists. The station integrates various forms of transport, including long-distance and local bus connections, trolleybuses, and railway transport, making it a key transportation hub in the region.

The Portal on the Lithuanian Square in Lublin is a modern multimedia installation that allows residents of Lublin and Vilnius to observe each other live. Installed in May 2021, the round concrete structure with an embedded screen and camera enables two-way real-time image transmission between the cities, facilitating interaction and long-distance communication. This portal symbolizes friendship and cooperation between Lublin and Vilnius, and refers to the heritage of the Union of Lublin.

The Lublin Tourist and Cultural Information Center (LOITiK) is located on Krakowskie Przedmieście, right next to the New Town Hall and Krakowska Gate. Managed by the Lublin Regional Tourist Information, this information point is a crucial place for visitors to Lublin and the Lublin region, offering a wide range of services: maps, brochures, and information about tourist attractions, accommodation, and cultural events. It also hosts many events, including the vernissage of the LublinTravel 2024 photography competition.

Information about the region's attractions can be found on the tourist website at


Transport Accessibility in Lublin

Lublin is well-connected with the rest of Poland and abroad thanks to a developed road network, convenient air connections, and extensive railway infrastructure. These three main transport modes ensure easy and convenient access to the city for tourists, residents, and business travellers alike. The city is located at the intersection of several important routes. National Road No. 17 (E372) connects Lublin with Warsaw (approximately 170 km) and further with southeastern Poland. National Road No. 12 runs from west to east Poland, connecting Lublin with Łódź. The S19 Expressway Via Carpatia, which aims to connect northeastern Poland with the south of the country, passes through Lublin, significantly improving the region's accessibility. The long-awaited final segment of the Via Carpatia route between Lublin and Rzeszów is now completed.

Lublin is served by the regional Lublin Airport, located approximately 10 km east of the city centre. The airport offers regular international connections to several European cities such as London, Dublin, and Oslo. Access to the airport from the city centre is convenient via regular bus connections and easy access by car using Provincial Road No. 822. Additionally, Warsaw Chopin Airport and Warsaw-Radom Airport are located nearby.

Lublin Main Railway Station (Dworzec PKP Lublin Główny) is the city's main railway hub, servicing both domestic and international connections. Direct trains to Lublin operate from Warsaw (approximately 2.5 hours journey), Kraków, Wrocław, and other major cities in Poland.

Additional information for event organizers is available on the Lublin Convention Bureau website

Key recurring events in Lublin and the Lublin Voivodeship

Many people visit the Lublin Voivodeship due to its diverse cultural events. Among the most recognizable are the Night of Culture, Carnaval Sztukmistrzów in Lublin (July 25-28), the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival (July 27 - August 4), the Festival of the Polish Language Capital in Szczebrzeszyn and Zamość (August 4-10), the Summer Film Academy in Zwierzyniec (August 8-15), and the International Balloon Competitions in Nałęczów (August 8-11).

On July 1st of this year, Lublin celebrated the 455th anniversary of the Union of Lublin. This year's celebrations of the Union of Lublin anniversary were an important element of the city's efforts to become the European Capital of Culture 2029, highlighting its international character and rich historical and cultural heritage. Lublin boasts many landmarks associated with this significant historical event for Central and Eastern Europe.

Lublin as a candidate for European Capital of Culture 2029

Lublin is among the four Polish finalists in the prestigious competition for the title of European Capital of Culture 2029. As one of the oldest and most diverse cultural cities in Poland, Lublin offers unique cultural heritage. The city is renowned for its artistic achievements, diverse festivals, and social initiatives that promote cultural activity and diversity. The guiding theme of Lublin's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2029 is "Re:union”. The winner will be announced five years before the year of the ECoC celebrations, allowing for thorough preparations.


Will Lublin become the European Capital of Culture in 2029? More information can be found on the website

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Author: Jaroslaw Marciuk; Photos credits: PTO, LCK, Jarosław Marciuk

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