Eventprofs Creators Lab in Lublin for representatives of the lubelskie region meetings and events industry

The Lubelskie Convention Bureau recently organised a "Modern Tools in Meeting Industry Marketing" event. The workshops featured expert presentations by Adam Mikołajczyk, President of the Best Place Foundation, and Jarosław Marciuk, Chief Marketing Specialist at the Poland Convention Bureau. Marciuk's session also served as a workshop for the Eventprofs Creators Lab, an educational initiative by the Polish Tourism Organisation for meeting industry professionals.


The training took place at the IBB Grand Hotel Lublin on June 25, 2024, and attracted over 20 participants. This event provided an opportunity for inspiration, experience sharing, and intensive networking. Marcin Kania, President of the Lublin Regional Tourist Organization (LROT), and Dorota Lachowska, Director of LROT, opened the meeting by emphasizing the critical importance of industry collaboration, continuous learning, and the integration of initiatives and activities to attract events to the city and region.

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The event was attended by representatives from the Lublin meetings and events industry, including companies and institutions such as IBB Hotel Grand Hotel Lublin, Hotel Wieniawski, Mercure Lublin Centrum, Lublin Conference Center, Hotel Luxor - Lublin, Hotel Victoria Lublin, Hampton by Hilton Lublin, the Marshal's Office of the Lublin Voivodeship, Lublin Science and Technology Park SA, Puławy Science and Technology Park, Lubartowska 77, East Travel, the City of Lublin, LOT Metropolis Lublin, and the Juliusz Osterwa Theatre in Lublin.

Eventprofs Creators Lab overview

The Creative Laboratory training, prepared and led by Jarosław Marciuk, was aimed at professionals in the MICE industry. The sessions focused on key aspects of destination marketing, online marketing, event acquisition, and the promotion of Lublin and the Lublin Voivodeship.


Introduction: Internet Statistics and Figures The training began with the presentation of current Internet statistics and data. Participants were introduced to the dynamic development of online marketing and the latest trends in internet usage, which are fundamental to effective marketing strategies.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms The next part of the program focused on selecting the appropriate social media platforms for communication in the meetings industry. It is crucial to tailor the message to the specific target audience and communication strategy. The discussion covered which social media platforms are most effective in various contexts and how to optimize their use. Is Facebook still effective? Is it worth having a profile on TikTok? Why should we create Reels on Instagram?


The Ideal Website This part of the training focused on essential aspects of creating an effective website, a crucial tool in any marketing strategy. Participants learned about best practices in navigation, responsiveness, and attractive design, as well as key elements that should be included to effectively attract and engage visitors.

Artificial Intelligence in Destination Marketing The session also covered the application of artificial intelligence in destination marketing, highlighting how generative AI can support campaigns promoting countries, regions, and cities.


AI in Marketers' Work Continuing the theme of artificial intelligence, the training focused on practical applications of AI in the daily work of marketing teams. Participants learned about tools and techniques that can streamline marketing activities, increasing their precision and effectiveness, supporting data analysis, content personalization, and automation of marketing processes. Tools discussed included Udio, Suno AI, Transkriptor, Canva, and Synthesia.

Social Media Story - Case Study of Poland Convention Bureau A case study was presented showcasing effective social media strategies through the example of the national convention bureau. The discussion covered campaigns that captured attention and engagement, illustrating practical aspects of social media activities and their impact on destination promotion. The rationale behind specific actions was explained, their effectiveness evaluated, and the most successful strategies highlighted.


B2B MICE Influencer Marketing This segment focused on leveraging influencer marketing within the MICE sector. Jarosław Marciuk highlighted the benefits of collaborating with influencers and the methods for identifying and engaging the right partners, which can significantly expand the reach of digital marketing efforts.

It was emphasized that in B2B influencer marketing, proactive strategies are essential. Building relationships with content creators and opinion leaders, as well as understanding the differences between B2C and B2B campaigns, are crucial. Online tools that support the evaluation of influencers and joint campaigns in the meetings industry and destination marketing were also discussed.

E-Marketing at Tourism Trade Shows – Case Studies of IMEX Frankfurt and IBTM Barcelona The presentation of case studies on e-marketing at international tourism trade shows, such as IMEX Frankfurt and IBTM Barcelona, showcased successful online promotion strategies. The discussion covered actions that contributed to success at these events, emphasizing the importance of creating relevant content and effective communication. Crucially, it was noted that activities should follow a specific plan, divided into pre-event, during-event, and post-event phases.



Content Creator and Their Tools The final segment of the training focused on the role of content creators in destination marketing. Participants were introduced to a variety of tools that can facilitate the creation and distribution of engaging content. The importance of creativity and tailoring content to different communication channels was emphasized.



The summary

The entire Creative Laboratory training was a time of intense learning, experience sharing, and networking. Professionals from the MICE industry had the opportunity to expand their knowledge of modern tools and marketing strategies, which will undoubtedly contribute to the further development of their activities and promotion of Lublin and the Lublin Voivodeship.

The Eventprofs Creators Lab woskshops is a unique opportunity to explore the possibilities of modern tools and strategies in destination marketing. During our sessions, we place particular emphasis on social media, especially LinkedIn, and the growing role of artificial intelligence in promoting cities and regions. Our goal is not only education but also the exchange of experiences and building valuable relationships within the MICE industry," said Jarosław Marciuk, Chief Marketing Specialist at the Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourism Organisation

We thank LROT for organizing the event and providing the opportunity to showcase the initiatives led by the Poland Convention Bureau and the Polish Tourist Organization in Poland and abroad. Lublin has tremendous potential and numerous opportunities for international event organizers. It offers not only hotels and conference facilities but also professionals who proudly highlight their dedication to this unique city and region of Poland – Lublin and the Lublin Voivodeship.

Find out more Lubelskie Convention Bureau and LROT Lubelska Regionalna Organizacja Turystyczna.

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