Eventprofs Creators Lab with Rafał Szymański about Social Selling on LinkedIn

Yet another edition of the educational project Eventprofs Creators Lab (#eventprofsLAB) is behind us. This time, Digital Marketing Expert Rafał Szymański spoke at the conference held during Meetings Week Poland 2023. The topic of his one-hour presentation was social selling on LinkedIn: how to effectively sell rather than spam on this social platform.

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Social selling on LinkedIn for event professionals

If you still associate LinkedIn only with a place to look for a job, you have missed the moment when it was bought by Microsoft, as well as the fact that its role now focuses on B2B sales tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Rafał Szymański, a renowned expert in B2B marketing (with experience in tourism and events), presented the participants with the modern process of selling B2B services using social media, that is, social selling.

E-marketing plays a key role in promoting and building the image of event companies, hotels, MICE facilities and destinations. Among the existent e-marketing tools, LinkedIn is a particularly important platform for professionals and businesses, offering a wide range of opportunities in terms of image-building and social selling activities. For the event industry, which works closely with customers, business partners, and suppliers, LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for building networks and increasing visibility in the industry.


LinkedIn also offers tools to create and promote content. Publishing valuable articles, posts and videos can attract the attention of the audience by building the image of an expert in each field. Regular activity on the platform, such as participation in group discussions, commenting on posts and sharing valuable content, allows you to build relationships with other professionals and potential customers.

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Social selling, i.e., using the platform to generate leads and sales, is another important aspect of LinkedIn. By actively participating in groups focused on a specific topic, identifying potential customers, and establishing relationships with them, you can effectively promote your services and acquire new orders. However, it is important that social selling on LinkedIn be subtle and based on values, focusing on making authentic connections and offering valuable information instead of aggressive selling.

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The participants of the first day of Meetings Week Poland learned about all this during the session of the Eventprofs Creators Lab on June 12, 2023, 11:15 - 12:15, BLOCK 1: Meetings and events industry - why is it worth working together? Place: Airport Hotel Okecie in Warsaw

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LinkedIn Expert - Rafal Szymanski

About our expert. Rafał Szymański is active in business since 1996, Rafał Szymański worked for international advertising agencies and designed the first websites and online stores in Poland before embracing the corporate reality. Since 2003, he has carried out hundreds of digital marketing, eCommerce and social selling B2B implementations and campaigns, working for the largest global corporations, such as Roche, Sanofi, Neckermann, Philips and 3M. He can translate all this experience into actions so that they bring his customers tangible business results.

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Above all, he is a practitioner who uses his own experience. He is fluent in the LinkedIn advertising system and the B2B sales programme, LinkedIn Sales Navigator. He can also add missing functionalities, which is how the original software for scaling and automating activities on LinkedIn was created. In recent years, Rafał Szymański has spoken at numerous conferences and events, including TEDx Warsaw, I Love Marketing, and LinkedIn Local, building for himself a considerable expert reputation. You can find Rafał Szymański on LinkedIn.

Eventprofs Creators Lab for MICE Professionals

On 28 February 2023, the Eventprofs Creators Lab was inaugurated in Warsaw. This new educational project of the Poland Convention Bureau designed for representatives of the meetings industry is aimed to professionalise the Polish meeting industry and create attractive content for the audience, especially for foreign markets, presenting Poland as a highly attractive place for organising events. On the one hand, they will be able to gain theoretical knowledge about new trends in e-marketing, and on the other hand, they will have the opportunity to practically apply the tools and platforms they have learned.

The first digital marketing training and workshop took place in Warsaw and was led by Mrs. Dagmara Plata-Alf.

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Eventprofs Creators Lab

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