Warsaw to star in a new Korean TV series

Warsaw to star in a new Korean TV series

Thanks to the efforts of Polish Tourism Organisation Warsaw will be the filming location of a brand-new Korean TV series expected to be watched by more than 10 million viewers. Shooting of Terius Behind Me will begin in June and is set to air in autumn.

The choice of Poland, and Warsaw in particular, as the filming location of the Korean TV series Terius Behind Me crowns many weeks of talks and negotiations conducted by Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) and producer Agnieszka Pająk. The list of rival locations included Hong Kong and Romania. Namgoong Sung Woo, the series producer, opted for the capital of Poland won over by its noteworthy tourism and infrastructure-related offer. In addition, the convenient direct flights with Seoul handled by LOT Polish Airlines, also a partner of the discussed project, were of utmost importance. The Polish national airlines prepared a special ticket offer for the film crew, while the Polish Tourism Organisation will become involved in remaining logistics and location scouting.

“The marketing strategy of POT targeted at the Korean market from the very beginning set sights on cooperation with film production, as TV series are enormously popular in South Korea and exert a huge impact on the Korean consumer behaviour. Presence in production as prestigious as Terius Behind Me in exchange for a relatively small financial input will allow us to reach millions of potential South Korean tourists and solidify the positive image of Poland”, emphasises President of POT Robert Andrzejczyk.

The Terius Behind Me TV show is produced by the Korean MBC channel, written by Oh Ji-young and directed by Park Sang-hun. The phenomenal So Ji-sub, mostly known from the silver screen, will take the lead role. This will be his first small-screen appearance after more than two years of headlining major blockbusters. The prime-time series will be aired twice a week.

“As an airline offering flights to South Korea we are interested in promoting Poland in the discussed market. Many Poles who previously had no intention of travelling to South Korea changed their mind after the launch of a connection with Seoul in late 2016. The same phenomenon can be observed in the case of the dynamically growing number of tourists from South Korea who, making the decision to fly with LOT, explore the numerous assets of our country”, says Rafał Milczarski, CEO of LOT Polish Airlines.

The shooting will take place in mid-June for a period of about five days. The film crew will include about 60 members and the capital of Poland has guaranteed screen time of 25-30 minutes.

In 2018 Polish Tourism Organisation will be expanding its presence in the Asian market, including South Korea. The choice of this direction is related to the increasingly extensive network of flights offered by the national LOT Polish Airlines, while intensified activities in this field will be possible thanks to the earmarked subsidy for promoting national tourism growing by 25% to 10 million PLN.

According to data compiled for the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, the number of 2017 arrivals from South Korea to Poland grew by more than 25%, from 39,000 to 49,000, when compared with 2016. In the discussed period the number of leisure travellers grew by almost 12%, from 33,000 to 39,000. 

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