#VisitPoland – Poland through the eyes of YouTubers

#VisitPoland – Poland through the eyes of YouTubers

#VisitPoland is a joint undertaking of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and Polish Tourism Organisation. At the invitation of the two institutions, seven prominent video bloggers representing several tourism markets of key importance for our industry will visit Poland. Minister of Sports and Tourism Witold Bańka, Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration Paweł Szefernaker and President of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) Robert Andrzejczyk officially inaugurated the project at Google Campus and discussed in detail the profiles of involved influencers.

“Influencer marketing is now among the most efficient promotional tools. The nearly unlimited territorial reach and influence of YouTubers offer a remarkably effective method of promotion. I believe that the invited YouTubers will create content fully showing to what degree our country is intriguing, dynamically growing and attractive”, says Minister of Sports and Tourism Witold Bańka.

The discussed group of YouTubers includes:

· Louis Cole of Great Britain (FunForLouis),
· Alan Estrada of Mexico (Alanxelmundo),
· Christian Le Blanc of Canada (Lost LeBlanc),
· Marko and Alex Ayling of United States (Vagabrothers),
· Pau Clavero of Spain (Clavero),
· Conner Sullivan of Germany (Conner Sullivan),
· Angela An of Japan (InternationallyMe).

“The visit of YouTubers from various continents offers us an opportunity to use the latest technologies and show the whole world that our country is indeed breath-taking. The project of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism and Polish Tourism Organisation introduces a new quality into Poland’s worldwide promotion. It is also worth noting that all of this is happening on the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining independence”, emphasized Paweł Szefernaker, Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, one of the masterminds of the initiative.

The project is already being implemented. Poland has so far been visited by two influencers and you can see the first results on their social media profiles.

“Online content creators know their audience inside out. Furthermore, they know how to address them to make the message honest, genuine and convincing. Poland has much more to offer than it is usually accented. I believe that by having popular and influential people presenting this message, we will manage to be even more convincing for tourists from all over the world. After all, this particular form of promotion is exceptionally authentic”, emphasizes Robert Andrzejczyk, President of POT.

Google Polska acts as the project’s strategic partner.

“From our perspective, the main advantage of YouTube as a platform involves its reach and diversity of the available content. Thanks to YouTube you can reach millions of viewers all over the world with your story, project or initiative. In other words, technology might be an excellent tool promoting Poland worldwide among potential tourists, but also spotlighting Polish culture and heritage”, argues Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek, Country Director with Google Polska.

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