Young Leaders of SITE Poland visit the headquarters of the Polish Tourism Organisation

Education is one of the pillars of the SITE association. Participants of the SITE Young Leaders' Program, who were hosted at the headquarters of the Polish Tourism Organisation, are young people looking to grow their future careers in business tourism. During a special EventprofsLAB session, Aneta Książek and Jarosław Marciuk shared their knowledge and experience about the role of digital marketing in the promotion of destinations. They also taught their young audience how to build a professional image on LinkedIn.

SITE Young Leaders programme Poland Convention Bureau

SITE Young Leaders' Program in Poland

SITE Young Leaders' Program is aimed at a global community of industry professionals aged 35 and younger who want to develop their skills in the area of incentive and business travel and wish to be active within the SITE association. The mission of this educational program is to create a strong group of people who will become leaders not only within the SITE Poland branch, but also in the entire industry.

The mentoring program at SITE

SITE Young Leaders' Program in Poland was inaugurated on 9 May. The meeting took place at the Golden Tulip Warsaw Centre Hotel and was a hybrid event moderated by the Young Leaders Group coordinator Nikola Naus. This year, SITE Poland has ten young and ambitious individualists who will learn to spread their wings under the guidance of mentors. The main objective of the programme is to support young people starting their careers with experienced professionals from the tourism, meetings and events as well as the finance sectors. Participants of the 2023 SITE Young Leaders' Program edition in Poland.

SITE Young Leaders' Program in Poland

SITE Young Leaders' Program is an investment in the future of the incentive and business travel industry. It gives young professionals not only the opportunity to grow personally and professionally but also provides them with a platform to build networks and collaborate with industry leaders around the world. The program is an excellent opportunity that opens doors to career and success. More information about this initiative can be found on the official website.

 SITE Poland Society for Incentive Travel Excellence

Participants of the meeting received special EventprofsLAB certificates.

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