Wrocław Congress Ambassadors

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Convention Bureau - Wrocław in cooperation with the Academia Europaea Knowledge Hub Wrocław had an opportunity to host members of the Wrocław Congress Ambassadors Program and members of Academia Europaea on a dinner which was held on 9th December 2014 in the Art Hotel.


During the meeting Ambassadors had the possibility to get acquainted with issues related to the current situation, and the future of the meetings industry in our city. Guest were also able to acknowledge the activities of the Academia Europaea Wrocław Hub, which is an example of another important organization supporting local academia. This allows us to promote Wrocław as a dynamic destination with excellent academic infrastructure, conducive to all kinds of meetings and conferences.

The meeting was attended by 30 guests, who represented the world of science, local government and local business. The President of Convention Bureau – Wrocław, Miss Magdalena Piasecka, have presented the city of Wrocław as an attractive destination for all kinds of events. Ambassadors were also able to learn more about the activities of the Academia Europaea Wrocław Hub. Moreover they had an opportunity to discover a new cultural venue – National Forum of Music, which will also serve as a new meetings facility in Wrocław.

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