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Wrocław congress and conference facilities, hotels and business tourism organizers have joined a number of activities aimed at restoring their smooth functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Hotels, as well as conference and congress facilities have introduced a variety of best practices packages to ensure maximum comfort and safety for their guests and clients. In addition, some of the facilities have undertaken various types of initiatives, which are dedicated to support local community activities . Furthermore, Wrocław business tourism organizers are not resting on their laurels and their calendars promise to be optimistic in the second half of the year. Below, we present some examples of Wrocław hotels, conference and congress facilities as well as business tourism organizers to show, that they are doing their best so that everyone can visit our city and feel safe in it.

WenderEDU Business Center is located in the heart of Wrocław, in the oldest part of the city called Ostrów Tumski – The Cathedral Island. They have created a 4-step procedure: #safeReception, #safeBuilding, #safeRoom and #safeStaff, which aims to implement additional safety measures in these areas. The changes introduced in the reception are intended to increase the distance between the staff and guests, all guests will be served individually by staff equipped with disposable masks and gloves. As part of #safeBuilding action, they have implemented additional disinfection of rooms and rearranged the dining room in such a way, which allows guests to maintain an appropriate distance. In addition, the action #safeRoom is intended to provide the greatest comfort and protection for their guests. They have established a minimum 12-hour break between leaving the room and checking-in of the next guest. All disinfection procedures are based on official sanitary guidelines. While creating safety procedures, WenderEDU Business Center have not forgotten about their staff as they have become part of the next step, dedicated to them - #safeStaff. Their team members have been properly trained according to the sanitary procedures, they have also received the necessary personal protective equipment.

Terminal Hotel*** is a modern, three-star hotel designed for private travels as well as business and tourist travelers. The view of the Wrocław Motorway Bypass and the location within only 2 km from the Wrocław Airport make the Terminal Hotel the perfect place for guests who value freedom of travel. According to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the facility have offered their guests a number of solutions, which have been implemented to provide the greatest comfort and safety during their stay in the hotel. Only one guest can be at the reception desk during check-in, while all guests have their body temperature measured with a non-contact thermometer as soon as they arrive. In addition, hotel rooms are not cleaned during hotel guests stay. Possible cleaning of the room or change of towels take place on the special hotel guest request. After each guest's stay, the rooms are disinfected and misting as well as a hotel room is generally cleaned. When it comes to the meals issue, Terminal Hotel have introduced their special breakfast menu, which is prepared individually for each guest. In all public areas, there is an obligation to use face masks and it applies to both hotel employees and guests. All these principles were implemented by Terminal Hotel for the sake of hotel guests and hotel staff safety.

Hotel HP Park Plaza**** is located in the very centre of the city, opposite the University of Wrocław, where it is easily accessible from AOW, A4 and A8. The location on the Odra River, surrounded by greenery and Odra islands with playgrounds and close distance to various attractions, makes it a perfect place for guests traveling for business trips, as well as for families with children, who are seeking a perfect place to relax. Hotel HP Park Plaza**** confirms, that they maintain the highest hygiene standards and cleanliness rules. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have applied procedures in their facility, which are obligatory for the entire hotel chain. As part of the #safeHPParkPlaza action, the hotel will conduct a number of activities to maintain the greatest possible safety precautions, starting from restaurant spaces and ending with hotel rooms. In all common areas, there are placed disinfecting liquids and wipes, all of these spaces are also disinfected every few hours. On hotel guests request, a package with basic protective measures (masks, gloves) is available at the reception desk. New cleaning procedures have been implemented - the rooms, after each hotels guest, are disinfected and prepared with the use of an air purifier equipped with a HEPA 12 or HEPA 14 filter. Moreover, they have expanded the Room Service offer, giving their hotel guests a greater opportunity to order a variety of dishes directly to the rooms. Moreover, hotel employees are systematically trained due to the official guidelines of sanitary services.

Hotel Platinum Palace***** is a cosy, boutique hotel, which is located next to the picturesque South Park in Wrocław. The facility decided to include several activities, which are aimed at ensuring the safety of both hotel guests and employees of the facility. Hotel guests have to fill out a special statement, which is connected to the safe stay in the facility, besides, during check-in, the temperature will be measured with a non-contact thermometer. Furthermore, individuals staying in the hotel are required to use face masks when using the common areas of the facility, which are disinfected regularly following official guidelines. All rooms are disinfected after each hotel guest and additional cleaning is assured on special hotel guests request. Hotel staff who provide services, they are required to wear masks and disposable gloves. Moreover, hotel employees will be systematically trained due to the official guidelines of sanitary services.

DoubleTree by Hilton Wrocław***** has implemented procedures, which will be applied to the entire Hilton hotel chain. Hilton has developed a global program, Hilton CleanStay TM with Lysol company security, in order to ensure new standards of cleanliness and disinfection. This program has been developed in collaboration with RB experts from trusted surface disinfection brands. In addition, experts from the Mayo Clinic prevention and control team of infections will advise and help to improve disinfection protocols. The Hilton hotel chain confirms, that they maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have taken additional steps consulted with international and national public health organizations (including WHO and CDC) to tighten up hygiene and cleanliness procedures.

Hotel Service 24 is another business tourism organizer and event organizer, as well as the Professional Congress Organizer recommended by CBW, which has been operating within the business tourism market in Wrocław. The company supports not only the tourism industry, but also cares for the safety of guests returning to hotels. HS24 has created an antibacterial package for hotel guests, which includes a reusable mask and an antibacterial gel. When it comes to the events industry, they also are not resting on their laurels. Some of the events are rescheduled to the next year, but the second half of this year promises to be optimistic. The plans include the implementation of several meetings for a regular client from the banking industry and a client from the automotive industry is planning their event in November. In addition, HS24 wants to organize several meetings for over 1,200 participants at different facilities in Lower Silesia and all over Poland.

InspireCongress is one of the local PCOs, which organizes upcoming events in the autumn, the company has been operating within the business tourism market since 2007. The Inspire Congress database includes facilities with which they have established permanent cooperation. Due to this situation, the company monitors ongoing changes. Their autumn calendar includes, among others events: III Lymphological Conference - Lymphoedema 2020, Gynecological and Obstetric Conference with the participation of Foreign Guests and Integrative Medicine of Pain.

Art Hotel**** has decided to meet the expectations of customers and new challenges arising as a result of an unusual situation. The facility will be open to guests on business trips and in order to ensure their safety, they have prepared a special policy and additional procedures for cleaning and disinfecting rooms, as well as safety measures recommended by sanitary services. In addition, the hotel also introduced changes to the facility's offer and its individual functions, such as recommending cashless payments or flexible cancellation conditions. Furthermore, a new "Art take-out" project has been launched, which allows You to order exceptional meals and products from the hotel restaurant.

The staff of The Bridge Wroclaw - MGallery***** hotel and CRAFT restaurant joined in assistance activities for institutions dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in Wrocław. Every day they prepare 100 warm lunches, which are delivered to the locations indicated by the ERMED Foundation. The whole process of preparing meals is leaded with all necessary safety rules. Among the supported institutions, there are the Crisis Management Center in Wrocław and the Isolatorium of the Lower Silesian Center for Lung Diseases in Oborniki Śląskie. This list of institution is constantly growing, and the next meals will be soon delivered to the hospital departments: the Hematology, Blood Cancer and Bone Marrow Transplantation Clinic, as well as the Intensive Care Unit for Children and Anaesthesiology. Hotel General Manager - Timea Balzer knows very well how important it is to get involved in the significant issues of local communities – 'Providing help to medical staff is now particularly very crucial. Engaging in the local community's needs is one of the values, that guide us at The Bridge Wrocław MGallery hotel'.

Hotel Traffic** is a newly built facility, which has also decided to provide a special safety policy as a part of the #stopvirus campaign. The hotel is located in the center of Wrocław, in a historic district easily reachable from all parts of the city and just 5-minutes walk from the Wrocław Town Hall. The facility has undertaken a number of actions to minimize the risk of getting infected with the SARS COVID-19 coronavirus. Hotel staff is equipped with a personal protective equipment: face masks and disposable gloves, which they are obliged to wear during work and while contacting with hotel guests. Additionally, the reception has been separated from guests by a plexiglass plate. Furthermore, they have installed dispensers with liquid hand sanitizer at the entrance to the reception, at the reception, in front of the shared bathroom, bar, elevator, as well as before the entrance to each hotel wing. Moreover, as the part of the disinfection procedures, hotel cards are also sterilized with UV-C light each time they are given back by guests and before they are taken again. In addition, breakfasts in the facility are served as breakfast boxes. According to the highest safety standards, Hotel Traffic has established cooperation with the professional company in order to deliver efficient disinfection of rooms. All hotel guests are obliged to familiarize themselves with these and other safety rules, which are available on paper, both at the reception and in the hotel rooms.

Wrocław tourist attractions are also returning to their activities. You will have an opportunity to visit the ZOO and the Africarium with implementing all safety measures. The Wrocław Zoo is opening its doors to visitors two months after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Most of attractions will be available to visitors. Some pavilions will be excluded from visiting according to the epidemic reasons, but you will be able to see animals on outdoor catwalks. Before visiting, you need to familiarize yourself with the new safety regulations available on the ZOO website, which were created to ensure maximum safety for visitors.

Source: Convention Bureau - Wrocław

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