Warsaw - Radom Airport (RDO). The new airport in Poland brings new opportunities for the MICE industry

Warsaw-Radom Airport. The new airport in Poland brings new opportunities for the MICE industry

The aim of the trip was to get acquainted with this latest European airport, which was opened only a few months ago. Since its opening on 27 April this year, the Warsaw-Radom Airport has served 15,000 passengers. There are currently 14 connections per week to 6 countries, and the number of flights is constantly growing. The airport can handle up to 3 million passengers a year so far, and even double that if expanded.

During the study trip, the group of participants learned about the history of the airport, visited its various zones, including the non-Schengen zone and the duty-free zone, and met with representatives of the airport. Their first impressions were positive.

A modern terminal with an impressive area of 30,000 square metres, a 2,500 m long runway, check-in and security control stations, a rich commercial zone with restaurants, cafés and duty-free shops and an area with playgrounds for children – those are just some of the things the Warszawa - Radom Airport has to offer.

Warszawa - Radom Airport

Information about the Warsaw-Radom Airport (RDO)

The airport’s official name is Lotnisko Warszawa-Radom im. Bohaterów Radomskiego Czerwca 1976 Roku (Heroes of Radom’s June 1976 Warsaw Radom Airport). Located 3 km from the centre of Radom, it is the latest and the most modern airport in Poland. Thanks to the well-designed space, the time needed for check-in is shortened, and the convenient layout of the building allows passengers to pass from the terminal directly to the plane. While waiting for the flight, travellers can enjoy the educational and entertainment zone, duty-free shops and restaurants.

The terminal has an area of more than 30,000 square meters, which is as much as four full-size football pitches. Fast service is guaranteed by 31 check-in stations, 9 gates, 6 passport control stations, 3 security lines and 2 baggage claim carousels.

The Warsaw-Radom Airport (RDO), built by Polish Airports (PPL), is designed to contribute to relieving the Chopin Airport in Warsaw, which has already reached its full potential. Currently, the Warsaw-Radom Airport operates services to Rome, Paris and selected European destinations, such as Bulgaria and Greece, in cooperation with tour operators.

The Warsaw-Radom Airport is gaining more and more recognition. Its infrastructure allows it to accommodate a variety of aircraft types, including the popular A320 and B737, as well as larger aircraft such as the Dreamliner. The Warsaw-Radom Airport has great potential as an airport supporting the Chopin Airport in Warsaw, as well as being the nearest airport to Targi Kielce, where international events are held, including the International Defence Industry Exhibition.

RDO warsaw radom

The Warsaw-Radom Airport has a promising future ahead of it and can play an important role in developing Polish aviation infrastructure

Prospects for development

MICE industry new airport in Poland

The opening of the new Warsaw-Radom Airport brings with it many prospects for the development of business tourism both in Warsaw and in the Mazovia region, as well as in Kielce. The new airport infrastructure creates favourable conditions for business travellers and opens the door to the development of this sector.

Located at a strategic point, the new airport allows easy access to the national capital and the region for business visitors from various European countries. This matters a lot because Warsaw is the main economic and business hub in Poland. With the new airport, travellers have a wider selection of connections and do not have to rely only on the existing Chopin Airport.

The MICE industry in Mazovia and Kielce can also benefit from the opening of the Warsaw-Radom Airport. For entrepreneurs and participants of conferences or fairs who visit southern Mazovia and the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, the new airport is a convenient alternative. Transport accessibility is one of the key elements in choosing destinations for events. This affects the convenience and efficiency of business trips and encourages the organisation of meetings and conferences in these locations. Warsaw Convention Bureau, Mazovia Convention Bureau and Świętokrzyskie Convention Bureau have gained further arguments for obtaining attractive events.

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    Photo credits. PPL Polskie Linie Lotnicze, AK, POT

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