Warsaw has been nominated in the European Best Destinations 2023 competition

Warsaw is a candidate for the best tourist destination in 2023. The Polish capital has been nominated in the European Best Destinations 2023 contest, with voting running until 10 February 2023.

WARSAW European Best Destinations 2023 Poland

Warsaw is an open Metropolis, a city of friendly and diverse places, of active citizens. We know it, but does the whole world know it? The Polish capital has been nominated in the prestigious European Best Destinations 2023 competition. After the information about the recommendations made for Poland by CNN journalists, this is the second fantastic piece of information for our country and its capital! It means that Warsaw has found itself among the most attractive European cities and regions for tourism. The very presence in the final stakes of the plebiscite is a great honour for Warsaw, but the ambitions of the Polish capital reach even higher.

We believe that Warsaw has the chance to be at the top of the pile and become one of the most popular destinations in Europe. A high place in the ranking ensures an increase in the number of tourists, which is confirmed by the experience of the finalists of the previous editions of the contest.

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Voting in the European Best Destinations 2023 competition will only last until 10 February 2023.

We are very much counting on your support to jointly achieve the best possible result for Warsaw! By the way, congratulations to the other European cities nominated in the EBD competition!

European Best Destinations

Set up in 2009 to promote tourism and culture in European cities and regions, the organisation cooperates with the European Commission's EDEN network, opinion-leading global media and more than 400 European destinations.

For more than a dozen years, a competition has been held in late January/early February in which selected cities or regions are invited to take part. The winning destination is selected through an open online vote in which several hundred thousand people from all over the world take part, and the process and results are widely reported in global media such as Forbes and National Geographic.

Voting in the European Best Destination 2023 competition has now begun, with the capital as the only Polish city among the 20 European cities nominated for the finals. Will Warsaw be recognised as the most attractive European city for tourism in 2023?

...... WARSAW - the winner of European Best Destinations 2023. Congratulations!

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