Warsaw as reward!

cbSarath Wattdegara, managing director at Sunray Travels & Consultancy, attended a fam trip to Warsaw on 4-6 June. The Swedish company specialises in counselling and comprehensive services aimed at visitors from Sweden and Asia travelling to Europe.



Wattegedara was the lucky winner of a Poland-themed general knowledge competition conducted by Poland Convention Bureau POT and the POT Stockholm office during a seminar dedicated to the Polish meetings industry, part of the Möten & Events fairs staged in the Swedish capital in February.


Although Wattdegara is a well-travelled man, this was his first time in Poland, making him all the happier to use a weekend voucher for a stay at the Warsaw Marriott Hotel. The guest was certainly impressed by both the business and cultural potential of the capital. He praised the Polish hospitality, the efficient public transport services, the well-organised network of clean streets, the competitive prices and the way Warsaw’s extraordinary history merges with its highly modern features. Highlights of the stay included a concert of Chopin compositions in the Łazienki Królewskie Park and a tour of the Palace of Culture and Science.


The Warsaw Marriott Hotel and Warsaw Convention Bureau acted as the fam trip’s partners.

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