Three new one MICHELIN Star Restaurants announced for the MICHELIN Guide Poland 2024

Michelin Guide`s Poland selection has expanded to include 19 establishments in the Pomorskie region (cities Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia), the total number of Starred restaurants is now 6. Additionally, Eliksir became Poland’s first MICHELIN Green Star restaurant and 9 restaurants were newly awarded a Bib Gourmand for great quality, great value cooking.

Three new one MICHELIN Star Restaurants announced for the MICHELIN Guide Poland 2024

Michelin is delighted to unveil the new selection of restaurants for The MICHELIN Guide Poland 2024. This year marks the addition of the Pomorskie region to The Guide, which is located in the northeast of Poland and includes the coastal tri-cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot. The region joins the existing selections in Warsaw, Kraków, and Poznań.

The MICHELIN Guide Poland now recognizes 77 restaurants overall, including 3 establishments newly awarded one MICHELIN Star. Poland’s good value dining scene has also received a massive boost this year, with 9 new Bib Gourmand restaurants more than doubling the country’s haul. In similarly brilliant news, the selection also now includes Poland’s first-ever MICHELIN Green Star restaurant.

“I am thrilled that 2024 has brought so much wonderful news for our Poland selection. This year’s Guide has seen significant expansion, reflecting Poland’s rapidly developing dining scene and the enormous talent of the country’s chefs. I am particularly happy that the famously anonymous MICHELIN Inspectors found so many fabulous restaurants in the beautiful Pomorskie region, which has been added to the selection for the first time this year,” comments Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The MICHELIN Guides. “Across Poland, the Inspectors were impressed by the vitality and passion found in the country’s restaurants, with a new wave of young chefs leading the way. Finally, I am overjoyed to see that Poland now has its first MICHELIN Green Star restaurant. This is a victory not just for Poland but for a more sustainable future for our industry.”

Bottiglieria 1881 Retains Two MICHELIN Stars

Last year’s big news was the awarding of two MICHELIN Stars to Bottiglieria 1881, which became the first restaurant in Poland to be recognized with this distinction. We are pleased to announce that this exemplary establishment has held its two Stars for another year. Mature, refined, and original, it continues to serve as Poland’s finest restaurant.

3 New One MICHELIN Star Restaurants

The most exciting news from this year’s announcement is that there are 3 new one MICHELIN Star restaurants in Poland. These are spread throughout the country, showing the breadth of the Polish dining scene.

Arco by Paco Pérez is of particular note, as it has become the first-ever MICHELIN Star restaurant in Gdańsk. It combines Polish ingredients with Spanish flavors in dishes that show both great ambition and the attention to detail needed to realize it. There’s an originality running through Chef Antonio Arcieri’s cooking too, while the restaurant itself is an elegant space that boasts spectacular views of the Gdańsk skyline.

In Warsaw, a new MICHELIN-Starred restaurant comes in the form of Rozbrat 20. Overseen by Chef-Owner Bartosz Szymczak, it’s a restaurant that hugely impressed the MICHELIN Inspectors with the way it has evolved and matured over the last few years. Every combination of flavors is beautifully judged, with ingredients of the finest quality used as the basis for truly delicious dishes.

This year’s final newly crowned one MICHELIN Star restaurant is Giewont. Located in the village of Kościelisko, it lies around 85km south of Kraków in a lovely area that comes complete with breathtaking views of the mountain after which the restaurant is named. Chef Przemek Sieradzki combines Polish and French produce and techniques to brilliant effect, delivering well-balanced dishes that showcase some bold flavors and excellent judgement.

There are now 5 one MICHELIN Star restaurants in Poland, as Muga in Poznań and NUTA in Warsaw have both deservedly kept their distinctions for another year.

Poland’s First Ever MICHELIN Green Star

The MICHELIN Green Star is The MICHELIN Guide’s way of recognizing restaurants that lead the way when it comes to their sustainable practices. Their outstanding eco-friendly commitments are a source of inspiration to both keen foodies and the restaurant community as a whole. This year, Eliksir in Gdańsk has become the first restaurant in Poland to receive a MICHELIN Green Star.

The team at Eliksir implements many policies in order to reduce the restaurant’s impact on the planet. Central to this is a low-waste philosophy that includes reclaiming cooking oil for use as fuel and saving citrus peels to be used for cordials and syrups. Local produce is also key to the Eliksir ethos, as is the use of renewable energy sources and a commitment to working with suppliers who share the restaurant’s sustainable approach.

9 New Bib Gourmands

In addition to the new MICHELIN Stars and Green Star, 9 new Bib Gourmands have been announced for Poland. Named after Bibendum, the official name of the Michelin Man, the Bib Gourmand is an award for restaurants that offer great quality, great value cooking. This year’s haul is brilliant news for locals and tourists alike, with the total number of Bib Gourmands in the country having more than doubled.

5 of the new Bib Gourmands are in the Pomorskie region, including 2 in Gdańsk. Treinta y Tres is a Spanish restaurant through and through, offering delicious classic dishes and a comprehensive Spanish wine list. Hewelke, meanwhile, is a tribute to the city’s famous brewer and astronomer Johannes Hevelius; pan-Asian elements abound in the globally influenced cooking.

Nearby Sopot is also home to 2 new ‘Bibs’. The cooking at 1911 Restaurant dispenses with fussiness and instead packs plenty of flavor into every mouthful. At the aptly named Vinissimo, wine plays a large role in proceedings, while the kitchen produces clean, uncluttered dishes. The final Bib Gourmand in the Pomorskie region is Luneta & Lorneta Bistro Club, a plush yet affordable restaurant located in the village of Ciekocinko.

In the Polish capital of Warsaw, there are 2 new Bib Gourmand restaurants: kontakt is a cool bistro on the edge of the city offering Mediterranean dishes and a wide-ranging wine list; for South American flavors, opt for Ceviche Bar, which serves the titular seafood dish alongside other fresh-tasting dishes.

There’s a new Bib Gourmand restaurant in Poznań too, in the form of SPOT. Another wine-focused operation, it specializes in house-smoked ingredients and boasts a terrace overlooking a vineyard. Finally, in Kraków, Folga has been recognized for its well-priced dishes that draw inspiration from a range of global cuisines.

All of Poland’s existing Bib Gourmand restaurants have retained their distinctions: MOLÁM in Kraków; Fromażeria and TU.REStAURANT in Poznań; and alewino, Kieliszki na Próżnej, Koneser Grill and Le Braci in Warsaw. This means that the total number of Bib Gourmands in Poland is now 16.

The MICHELIN Guide Poland 2024 at a Glance 77 recommended restaurants, including

  • 1 Two MICHELIN Star restaurant
  • 5 One MICHELIN Star restaurants (3 new)
  • 1 MICHELIN Green Star restaurant (new)
Name Category City
Bottiglieria 1881 2 Stars Kraków
Arco by Paco Pérez 1 Star Gdańsk
Giewont 1 Star Kościelisko
Muga 1 Star Poznań
NUTA 1 Star Warsaw
Rozbrat 20 1 Star Warsaw
Luneta & Lorneta Bistro Club Bib Gourmand Ciekocinko
Hewelke Bib Gourmand Gdańsk
Treinta y Très Bib Gourmand Gdańsk
Folga Bib Gourmand Kraków
MOLÁM Bib Gourmand Kraków
Fromażeria Bib Gourmand Poznań
SPOT. Bib Gourmand Poznań
TU.REStAURANT Bib Gourmand Poznań
1911 Restaurant Bib Gourmand Sopot
Vinissimo Bib Gourmand Sopot
Alewino Bib Gourmand Warsaw
Ceviche Bar Bib Gourmand Warsaw
Kieliszki na Próżnej Bib Gourmand Warsaw
Koneser Grill Bib Gourmand Warsaw
Kontakt Bib Gourmand Warsaw
Le Braci Bib Gourmand Warsaw
Eliksir Recommended Gdańsk
Fino Recommended Gdańsk
Mercato Recommended Gdańsk
Niesztuka Recommended Gdańsk
Piwna47 Recommended Gdańsk
Ritz Recommended Gdańsk
True Recommended Gdańsk
Tygle Recommended Gdańsk
Butchery & Wine Recommended Gdynia
Oberża 86 Recommended Gdynia
Albertina Recommended Kraków
Amarylis Recommended Kraków
Artesse Recommended Kraków
Copernicus Recommended Kraków
Farina Recommended Kraków
Filipa 18 Recommended Kraków
Fiorentina Recommended Kraków
Hana Sushi Recommended Kraków
Karakter Recommended Kraków
Kogel Mogel Recommended Kraków
NOTA_RESTO by Tomasz Leśniak Recommended Kraków
Pod Nosem Recommended Kraków
Pod Różą Recommended Kraków
Szara Recommended Kraków
ZaKładka Recommended Kraków
Zazie Recommended Kraków
Kropka. Recommended Kraków
Mazi Recommended Kraków
Nami Beef and Reef Recommended Kraków
62 Bar & Restaurant Recommended Poznań
A nóż widelec Recommended Poznań
Cucina Recommended Poznań
Delicja Recommended Poz nań
Marino Bistrot Recommended Poznań
NOOKS Recommended Poznań
Papavero Recommended Poznań
PASODOBRE Recommended Poznań
Port Sołacz Recommended Poznań
The Time Recommended Poznań
Zen On Recommended Poznań
Café Xander Recommended Sopot
Fisherman Recommended Sopot
L’Entre Villes Recommended Sopot
Bez Gwiazdek Recommended Warsaw
Butchery & Wine Recommended Warsaw
Dyletanci Recommended Warsaw
elixir by Dom Wódki Recommended Warsaw
Epoka Recommended Warsaw
Europejski Grill Recommended Warsaw
hub.praga Recommended Warsaw
Muzealna Recommended Warsaw
Nolita Recommended Warsaw
Noriko Omakase Recommended Warsaw
The Farm Recommended Warsaw
Tuna Recommended Warsaw

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Source: Michelin Guide

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