The world’s first congress centre folder on Instagram!

folderThe new technologies are here to stay. Most people nowadays treat smartphones and Internet access as obvious necessities.

This raises the question of how to take advantage of this unique potential concealed in our bags, backpacks and pockets. In consequence, the team of Krakow Convention Bureau, which operates ICE Krakow, developed the world’s very first Instagram-accessible congress centre folder.


Studies show that we spend an average of 2.42 hours a day interacting with out smartphones. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are where we look for interesting content, news and entertainment. It is estimated that more than 60% of users access the Internet via their smartphones. Social networking services, such as Instagram, are among the latest ways of reaching potential clients. However, it is no longer enough to simply upload eye-catching photos… 





“In July the dscout analytical company published a report from a study exploring our interactions with smartphones. According to its results, people have on the average 76 sessions a day with their phone!”, says Izabela Helbin, Director of the Krakow Festival Bureau. “Instagram was among the most popular applications. When analysing the report, we decided to venture into territory previously unexplored by any other venue in the world. Since our latest project was based on a just-released printed advertising folder, we opted to give it a digital makeover. The @icekrakowFOLDER was thus born, a breakthrough congress centre folder available on Instagram”, adds Helbin.


The ICE Krakow Congress Centre is perceived as one of the top players of the meetings industry market. The considerable interest it attracts is best demonstrated by the packed event calendar and the Meetings Star Award received as the best congress centre of new Europe in January 2016. However, to maintain leadership, it is necessary to introduce innovative marketing activities. Only this approach guarantees that event organisers will remain interested in your offer. The initiatives undertaken by the team in charge of promotion are, therefore, brave and often pioneering. This is also the case of the Instagram-ready ICE Krakow folder.


According to the latest forecasts of eMarketer 50% of social media users will be using Instagram by 2017. After all, we are dealing with a captivating and relatively simple service based on visual content. In addition, marketing professionals are also well aware of the fact that it is precisely via Instagram that they can influence the consumer decisions made in the real world. Following this principle, the ICE Krakow promotional plan involves the combination of online and offline realities. By being present online, you can reach the potential participants of events held in the venue and invite them to become familiar with its offer.


The ICE Krakow folder was developed upon the simple rule of cascading profiles. When entering the main profile (@ICEKRAKOWFOLDER) you can scroll down a photo-based list of contents, showcasing particular rooms, the underlying architectural concept, the city of Krakow and the voivodeship of Małopolska. To access additional information about particular sections you will have to click on successive images.


Need more examples? Let’s say you want to see the Auditorium Hall. First, you need to click on any photo in its section, which will direct you to the Hall’s subprofile. All the photos are also accompanied by an appropriate description with hints on how to proceed. Once you go to the subprofile, a complete set of information about a given space is displayed in the form of photos, video materials recorded by ICE Krakow staff and visuals with technical data. The same rule applies to all other sections in the main profile, to which you can return by clicking the arrow in the top left corner of the screen. The mechanism is therefore remarkably simple and intuitive for everyone, who have used Instagram at least once before.


The main idea behind the development of the discussed, one-of-a-kind folder was, however, to create a handy tool for the congress centre sales team. At industry trade fairs and meetings with event organisers, potential hirers and event agencies, the sales personnel will now be equipped with a mysterious business card with a single simple address: And there you have it – the latest method of attracting the clients’ attention and providing them with an opportunity to learn more about the venue and virtually “sightsee” the ICE Krakow space. The trip in question will not only be technologically advanced but also simply intriguing.


Experience it for yourself and visit the world’s first congress centre folder on Instagram. Have a great time and... enjoy your tour of ICE Kraków!


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