The Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala returns and will be organised in Gdynia


The Polish Tourism Organisation - Poland Convention Bureau, Polish Conference and Congress Association, and the host city of Gdynia, are organizing a solemn Gala of Polish Congress Ambassadors. The event will take place for the first time in Pomorskie Voivodship on May 15th 2023 at the Courtyard by Marriott Gdynia Waterfront Hotel.

Up until now, the Galas of Polish Congress Ambassadors have been hosted in:

  • Warsaw (up to 2009)
  • Cracow (2010, 2017)
  • Torun (2011)
  • Poznan (2012, 2018)
  • Wroclaw (2013)
  • Kielce (2014)
  • Katowice (2015, 2019)
  • Lodz (2016)

Watch all Polish Congress Ambassadors Galas here.

The Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala

The Polish Congress Ambassadors Gala is a pivotal event in The Polish Congress Ambassadors Programme, which is jointly implemented by the Polish Tourism Organisation and the Polish Conference and Congress Association (PCCA). For 25 years, the program has served to promote Poland as a destination for the organization of international congresses and conferences.


The objective of The Polish Congress Ambassadors Programme is to attract congresses to Poland and to provide effective assistance in bringing such events to our country by Polish professionals who operate within the structures of international organizations, such as scientists and professionals from various industries.

Polish Congress Ambassadors

Who can become a Polish Congress Ambassador and how? According to the regulations, the right to nominate candidates belongs to members of the program, organizational units of the Polish Academy of Sciences, universities and higher education institutions, scientific associations and organizations, cultural institutions, economic and local government organizations, the Polish Tourism Organisation, the Polish Conference and Congress Association, regional convention bureaus, and individuals previously honoured with the title of Polish Congress Ambassador.

To date, 270 people have been awarded the title of Polish Congress Ambassador, seven Patrons have been selected, and the Project Chapter of the program has been joined by a significant number of distinguished personalities from the world of science, economy, and culture.

Project Chapter members cast their votes based on criteria in accordance with the Regulations of the Polish Congress Ambassadors Programme, which include:

  • membership in international organizations
  • number of organized congresses
  • number of planned congresses
  • overall assessment of the candidate

Due to the ongoing post-pandemic transformation of the meetings industry, candidates' achievements in 2020 and 2021 may also relate to events held in Poland online or in a hybrid format.

The committee also evaluated the positive effects of the so-called legacy events, which are perceived not only in the context of economic impact, but more broadly, as effects of organizing an event that changes the world and the destination where the event takes place, changing the approach of decision-makers, and inspiring local communities in almost every field of human activity.

Polish Congress Ambassadors Programme

Gala in Gdynia

During this year's gala in Gdynia, Ambassadors of Polish Congresses and Patrons of Congresses from 2020 and 2021 will be honoured.

In 2020, the honorary title of Congress Ambassador was awarded to 21 scientific, social, and business representatives. Four Patrons of Polish Congresses, i.e., entities other than natural persons supporting organized events (such as congresses, conferences, seminars, or other meetings), will also officially receive their titles.

The Ambassadors selected by the Jury in 2021 will also receive their commemorative statues and diplomas. The title was awarded to nine individuals. The event will therefore be exceptional, also in terms of the number of honoured laureates.

It is worth emphasizing that the local organizers have long awaited the acceptance of their special guests. To keep them in Gdynia, they have prepared an interesting proposal for leisure time before and after the gala. The proximity of the sea and a wide cultural and tourist offers make it a place eagerly visited by guests not only from Poland. It is also a modern center for maritime and international trade. An ideal city for bleisure.

In addition to the laureates themselves, the invited guests include representatives of the meetings industry, including PCOs, DMCs, representatives of local and regional convention bureaux, and conference and congress facilities. Among the invitees, there were also representatives from the scientific world, local government, and industry organizations.

Interested representatives of the industry are invited to contact Agnieszka Szymerowska, Secretary of the Jury of the project, and Director of the PCCA Office. Contact:

Find out more about the project:

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