The Growth of Meeting Industry in Silesia

Silesia is a region in the meetings industry that is still undiscovered. That's why, in its first year of operation, the Silesia Convention Bureau carried out a series of activities to introduce event organizers to the potential of the area in terms of business tourism. The first effects are already visible.


The most effective way to get to know [the region] is through experience. Hence the decision to invite leading representatives of the industry to the region so that they could personally experience the specifics of this place. Three study visits organized by the Silesia Convention Bureau allowed for presenting the region's merits in a very unconventional and stereotype-breaking manner. Two of them were aimed at the domestic meetings industry, and one was international. The majority of guests in the region were visiting for the first time.

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Diversity of experiences and sensations was a characteristic feature of each undertaking. Rock climbing and lunch in a cave, 320 meters underground turbo golf, night spa in Cistercian barns transformed into a luxurious hotel, floating, meaning underground drifting in a mining gallery, wine tasting in a Jurassic vineyard, off-road in a quarry, kayaking down the Rudzka river – these were just some of the attractions awaiting the participants of the study tours. Each time, guests appreciated the original program that allowed them to explore the unknown.

The Silesia Convention Bureau definitely knows how to choose places that not only offer exceptional amenities but also boast fascinating history and culture. Every visited place left an unforgettable impression, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the unique atmosphere of the region. We are thrilled to have had the unique opportunity to participate in the study trip organized by the Silesia Convention Bureau. It was not just 'traveling', but above all, a real experience full of inspiration that will result in organizing an unforgettable event for our client in June 2024," says Joanna Krakós – Góralska, Creative Director at The Hive event agency.

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Presenting the region is one thing, but among the office's goals is the integration of the community, meaning entities from the Silesian Voivodeship organizing business events in the region. Industry integration will enable the development of a coherent and comprehensive offering for the meetings industry. To make the Silesia Convention Bureau a promoter of collaboration, an original concept of the Silesia Meeting Day industry event was created. It's a series of meetings for members of the Silesia Convention Bureau product consortium, but entities outside the consortium are also invited due to its semi-open format.

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Silesia Meeting Day has already had four editions. The initiative is highly appreciated by the industry and fits perfectly into the consortium's formula, which aims to operate in partnership in the domestic and international meeting markets. This can be achieved through mutual familiarization of entities operating in the meeting market in the region, building relationships, and acquiring new industry knowledge. The result of these actions is joint projects that emerge among the consortium members.

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We are particularly delighted with the promotional cooperation during the jubilee celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the existence of the 'Śląsk' Song and Dance Ensemble named after Stanisław Hadyna, and our company's subsidiary - the Szyndzielnia Cable Railway. The outcome is a joint photoshoot session and the creation of a video spot, contributing to the exceptional character of these events. Currently, we are engaged in advanced discussions that we plan to finalize in the upcoming year in the form of new, exciting projects," says Zbigniew Hendzel, Marketing Manager at ZIAD Bielsko-Biała S.A.

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Besides organizing industry meetings, the Silesia Convention Bureau also participates in numerous events in the country and abroad. One of these events was the IMEX business travel trade show in Frankfurt on the Main. It's the largest event dedicated to the meetings industry in Europe.

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Among several exhibitors at the Polish National Stand, the Silesia Convention Bureau made its debut at this event. The same happened in Barcelona during the IBTM World Trade Show in the autumn. During twenty meetings with international event organizers, the potential of the Silesian Voivodeship and its offerings in the field of business tourism were presented.

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Silesia possesses the necessary infrastructure to dynamically develop the meetings sector. This potential required formalized support, hence the establishment of the Silesia Convention Bureau, which operates for the entire region. Established as a product consortium uniting entities from the meetings industry in the Silesian Voivodeship, it operates within the framework of the Silesian Tourist Organization. In less than 12 months, we've successfully taken the first steps in business tourism – marking our presence in the industry and discerning the most effective strategies in promoting the region in the meetings industry. We see the backbone of our MICE tourism activities in the incentive travel department because the region offers us excellent conditions for that," adds Agnieszka Sikorska, Director of the Silesian Tourist Organization - Silesia Convention Bureau.

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source: Silesia Convention Bureau

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