Summary of online marketing activities by the Poland Convention Bureau in 2023

In 2023, the Poland Convention Bureau (PCB) focused on strengthening its online presence. Efforts were concentrated across platforms such as the POT.GOV.PL website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and various other channels, yielding compelling results. Through diverse channels, PCB achieved significant outreach both within Poland and internationally, effectively communicating with different segments of the meetings and events market. Data analysis from Google Analytics, Sotrender, and Social Media Listening Brand24 indicated a substantial increase in activity, brand reinforcement, and reach, affirming the effectiveness of the marketing initiatives undertaken.

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The Specifics of Communication in Social Media within the Meetings Industry

Within the realm of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), entities have long differentiated communication between the Leisure and MICE segments. For the Poland Convention Bureau (a department of the Polish Tourism Organisation, headquartered in Warsaw), the primary communication channels became LinkedIn (showcase page), Twitter (X) for international markets, and Facebook. Overall, the industry has also observed increased activity in publishing visual content, such as photos and short films (Reels) on Instagram, as well as a growing interest in the TikTok platform. YouTube remains the main channel for longer and professionally produced video content. While Facebook is gradually taking a secondary role in the international meetings market, it remains a key tool for reaching Polish partners.

In 2023, one of the goals of the Poland Convention Bureau POT was effective online actions through the 'Poland. More than you expected' campaign, and additionally utilizing various owned channels to engage with different segments of the meetings and events market. Our priority was to promote Polish partners (convention bureaus, PCOs, DMCs, ITCs), Poland Convention Bureau projects, and Poland as an attractive MICE destination for planning and hosting events - said Aneta Książek, the head of the Poland Convention Bureau.

Overall Summary of 2023

As part of the marketing communication plan in 2023, the priority for the Poland Convention Bureau was to enhance activity and visibility in the online sphere. The focus was on publishing articles on the Polish Tourism Organisation corporate website and PCB's channels (Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, along with YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, and Slideshare). Throughout the past year, e-PR strategies were also implemented, establishing fruitful collaborations with MICE industry media, both domestically and internationally. This resulted in numerous publications on the websites and social media platforms of these publishing entities.

Analyzing the term "Poland Convention Bureau" in Brand24, it appears that in 2023, social media reach amounted to 1.7 million, marking a 41,170% increase compared to 2022. The reach on other online platforms reached 386,000 (a growth of 448,830%). The Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) amounted to USD 159,000. AVE is a popular metric that helps to track and evaluate how much value you can get from PR/Marketing. AVE refers to the cost of buying the space taken up by a particular article had the article been an advertisement.

In our posts and expert articles, we spoke in the industry's voice, showcasing novelties, and addressing trends. We promoted congress cities, conference centres in Poland, hotels, tourist attractions, and Polish cuisine, shared ideas for authentic experiences and encouraged engagement with convention bureaux, professional congress organizers and incentive travel companies

We paid special attention to the development of internet marketing, leveraging a wide range of social media platforms and their specificity in communicating with diverse audience groups. Our efforts resulted in a significant increase in reach and strengthened online presence. Additionally, we initiated the educational project 'Laboratorium Twórców' (Eventprofs Creators Lab), where we share knowledge and best practices in digital marketing, featuring invited experts and our own initiatives, taking into account the specifics of business tourism and dewtination marketing. We have received numerous signals from i MICE ndustry representatives from Poland and abroad that our actions are noticeable, and we are regarded as leaders in utilizing online marketing in promoting MICE destinations," stated Jarosław Marciuk, Chief Marketing Specialist at the Poland Convention Bureau.


An essential component of online marketing is the website. Articles are regularly published on the POT.GOV.PL corporate website. These texts are available in both Polish and English versions. The articles cover various events related to the activities of the Poland Convention Bureau, ranging from trade show acquisitions to reports from exhibitions. They also contain information about ongoing projects, such as the Polish Congress Ambassadors Program, Eventprofs Creators Lab, Spotlight On Poland, Meetings Week Conference, and the Meetings and Events Industry Report.

Furthermore, partners and other key information related to the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) industry were presented. Additionally, articles concerning a wide range of MICE-related topics are published. Each article is meticulously prepared, following SEO principles, enriched with relevant images, often embedding video content and social media feeds.

In 2023, 116 articles were published in Polish and 77 articles in English, totaling nearly 200 articles. On average, 10 articles in Polish and 6 in English were published monthly. According to Google Analytics data, articles in Polish were viewed over 46,000 times, while those in English were viewed almost 14,000 times. In total, PolandCVB articles were viewed over 60,000 times.

Articles in English language.


Considering the analysis of the Poland Convention Bureau's Facebook community (where nearly 75% of followers come from Poland), the history of managing the page, the quantity of posted content including posts and images, and the continued significance of Facebook in Poland in 2023, efforts were continued on this platform. Diverse posts were shared in the form of text with links to the website, photos, videos, and event announcements.

In 2023, a total of 178 posts were published (an average of 15 per month, every other day). These posts collectively generated nearly 58,000 reaches. It's important to note that this reach is solely organic and not boosted by paid means within the META environment. Our actions in detail are outlined in the Sotrender Report for the year 2023.

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Until recently, the Poland Convention Bureau did not have a company page or a showcase page on LinkedIn. According to numerous studies and observations, LinkedIn stands as one of the most crucial platforms in the events industry. It aids in brand image building, community creation, and reaching key opinion leaders, decision-makers, as well as organizers of meetings, congresses, and incentive trips. We created it in November 2022, just before the ICCA Congress in Krakow.

In 2023, a total of 190 posts were published (averaging 16 per month, every other day). Content was predominantly shared in English and included texts, links, polls, photos, and videos. The analyzed posts collectively achieved a reach of over 50,000 without utilizing paid promotion.

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Twitter X

After 8 years, the Poland Convention Bureau resumed active communication on its recovered profile on Twitter (X). During the IMEX trade show in Frankfurt and the IBTM World in Barcelona, the Poland Convention Bureau was one of the most engaged entities, sharing valuable content from these events and supporting participating partners.

In 2023, a total of over 440 posts were published on Twitter (averaging 37 per month, over 1 per day), containing texts, links, polls, photos, and videos. The combined reach of the published content exceeded 44,000 recipients. It's important to note that this reach is organic and not amplified by paid promotions. The primary language of communication was English.

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Additional channels of e-marketing communication

Additional communication channels utilized by the Poland Convention Bureau in online marketing include:

  • Instagram (6 posts, Stories saved in Highlights), @polandcvb
  • Youtube (19 videos), @polandcvb
  • Flickr (8 albums containing over 900 photos) @polandcvb_
  • Slideshare (3 presentations) @polandcvb

These platforms serve as supplementary tools to reach various audience groups, enabling the presentation of content in visual and multimedia formats.

Another notable activity includes Aneta Książek's interview on the CONFERLI – „Destinations as the driving force of a conference”  discussing the organization of association events in Poland.

An innovative initiative involves creating music as part of our marketing strategy aimed at engaging multiple senses. Together with our music ambassador, Basia Giewont, we've curated a special playlist on Spotify. The playlist also features a song crafted for the MICE industry by Brian Allan. Listen to the Spotify playlist POLAND. More than you expected.

Brand24 Social Media Listening

Apart from activities on our owned channels, we also conducted intensive e-PR efforts. Utilizing numerous tools, we constantly monitored social media. Brand24 allowed us to continuously track the phrase "Poland Convention Bureau." This tool enabled us to monitor where, how frequently, and with what reach content containing the mentioned phrase was being published. This monitoring tool covers activity across social media platforms, websites, and other online channels.

From the gathered data, the following results were achieved in 2023:

  • Social media reach amounted to 1.7 million, marking a growth of 41,170% compared to 2022.
  • Reach on other online platforms reached 386,000 (a growth of 448,830%) - including websites, news, blogs, and others.
  • The Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) amounted to USD 159,000.
  • Mentions of the phrase totalled 1582 (a growth of 13,083% compared to 2022).
  • On Facebook, there were 414 mentions – a 41,300% increase.
  • On Twitter (X), there were 475 mentions – a 23,650% increase.
  • In the category of news information, there were 263 mentions – a 13,050% increase.
  • Blogs had 21 mentions, a 100% increase.
  • Websites had 295 mentions, also a 100% increase.
  • Video content had 12 mentions, marking a 100% increase.
  • Instagram recorded 76 mentions, also a 100% increase.
  • Even on TikTok, there were 25 mentions, marking a 257% increase.
  • Furthermore, over 11,000 interactions were recorded.

According to feedback from foreign professionals that we've received on various occasions, the Poland Convention Bureau is considered a leader in utilizing online marketing to promote MICE destinations. These results confirm the effectiveness of our e-marketing efforts and the growing interest and reach of our initiatives. This inspires us to continue refining our e-marketing strategy in the coming years.

Kampania POLAND. More than you expected dla branży MICE

In addition to the described activities above, the year 2023 was also exceptional in another aspect. The POLAND. More than you expected campaign was executed from October 12th to December 8th. It was aimed at two segments: International Association Event Organizers and Corporate Event Organizers. Achieving the reach-related KPIs was carried out through:

  • Collaboration with editorial teams (BoardRoom Magazine, Kongres Magazine, AMI – Associations Meetings International, CMW – Conference & Meetings World, HQ – Headquarters Magazine, M&IT – Meetings and Incentive Travel, SKIFT Meetings); through articles, sponsored articles, Destination Guides, newsletters, banners, and direct mailings.
  • Social media and performance marketing.
  • B2B influencer marketing with Key Opinion Leaders - Sina Bunte and Basia Giewont.
  • The creation of a landing page with posted blog posts.
  • Exposure of content specifically designed for the campaign at industry events - IBTM World in Barcelona (combined with sensory marketing), including specially recorded videos with a MICE influencer and representatives from the Polish industry.

We were thrilled that the campaign was noticed by the competition jury and became one of the three finalists in the MP IMPACT AWARDS in the campaign category.

Educational project Eventprofs Creators Lab #eventprofsLab

It's also worth highlighting that in 2023, the Poland Convention Bureau actively shared knowledge and became a proponent of digital marketing within the industry in Poland through the new project called "Eventprofs Creators Lab." The Eventprofs Creators Lab is a series of workshops aimed at transferring knowledge and experiences to create more coherent and dynamic content used in social media, including during trade shows, conferences, and more.

We conducted a total of 6 Eventprofs Creators Lab events, encompassing Warsaw (a meeting of the Poland Convention Bureau with the industry at the NYX Hotel, the Meetings Week Poland conference), Zakopane (a dedicated stand by Polish Tourism Organisation at a congress), and Wrocław (5th European Tourism Forum).

We are delighted that the project attracted experts who could share practical knowledge in e-marketing strategies, LinkedIn social selling, and mobile photography with the participants (Dagmara Plata-Alf in Warsaw and Zakopane, Rafał Szymański in Warsaw, Klaudia Chwastek in Zakopane).

Additional workshops were conducted in Zakopane by Aneta Książek and Jarosław Marciuk, and in Wrocław, Jarosław Marciuk led Digital Marketing in the MICE industry workshops. Additionally, individual online consultations on Internet marketing topics were provided for interested participants.

An essential aspect of the Eventprofs Creators Lab project was hosting students at the Polish Tourism Organisation headquarters. Initially, these were individuals from the SITE Young Leaders program, followed by students participating in the ERASMUS program from the Department of Tourism and Recreation at the Józef Piłsudski Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. We believe in supporting young individuals entering the market and are committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with them. We plan to continue the Eventprofs Creators Lab meetings in 2024.

We invite and thank everyone for their collaboration in creating content and involvement in our projects.

#PolandCVB #eventprofsLAB


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