Submit Now and Showcase Your Excellence: Join the 5th 'Meeting Industry at 5!' Competition by SKKP

The range of accepted works remains consistent, with a thematic focus on areas related to the functioning of business tourism, the meeting industry, and the MICE sector. This includes addressing one of the following areas:

  1. Assessment of the current industry condition.
  2. Analysis of trends and changes occurring in Poland and worldwide.
  3. Proposal of solutions worth applying in the industry.
  4. Analysis of the industry's impact on the economy of Poland or the region.

The total prize pool for the competition is set at 7,500 złoty.

A noteworthy addition to this year's edition is the option to submit works in English. This change has been incorporated into the regulations, available in full on the SKKP website ( Evaluation criteria will encompass innovation and potential benefits stemming directly or indirectly from the assessed works, with a focus on their potential impact on the development and condition of the industry. The competition, running for several consecutive years, presents an opportunity for individuals interested in business tourism to establish new connections and showcase analytical skills before a panel of experts.

The competition's significance is further underscored by the distinguished composition of the judging panel, featuring prominent representatives from the academic community, facility managers, and industry association representatives.

The deadline for submitting works through the dedicated form available on the SKKP website is February 29, 2024.

Members of the Competition Jury

An esteemed panel of judges awaits to evaluate the submissions meticulously:


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