Silesia Meetings Challenge

challenge silesiaThe Association of Conference and Congress organizers in Poland and the City of Katowice with partners are convening an international conference in Katowice on 17-18th September as an event to accompany the Gala of Polish Congress Ambassadors. This year’s conference will focus on the influence of science, business and new technologies on the development of the conference-congress sector in Silesia, and examining to what extent the interaction between activities in these sectors conforms to sustainable development principles.

Conference goals:
•    Improving cooperation between those operating in science, economy and the meetings industry in order to attract and initiate events in the Cultural Zone of Katowice,
•    Building the image of Katowice and Silesia as a region opting for environmentally sustainable economic and social development and as a host for initiating and organizing greener meetings and events,
•    Contributing to recognition of Katowice as a smart city,
•    Establishing an international conference bringing together the Meetings Industry as a regular event in the calendar of the International Congress Centre in Katowice,
•    Promoting the International Congress Centre in Katowice as important player in the European market-place for conferences, exhibitions and mass events,
•    Securing new congress, conference and exhibition projects for Katowice and Silesia,
•    Bringing together local partners active in the Meetings Industry.


The conference is part of the celebration of 150 anniversary of Katowice and is an opportunity
to create an image of the city as a "smart city" and center of events in Europe. The place of the meeting and gala evening of ambassadors is a newly opened International Congress Centre Katowice.

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