Rail transport industry attends International Railway Fair

Rail industry from all over the world participates in International Railway Fair TRAKO now ongoing in AmberExpo in Gdańsk and intended to present the level achieved by rail transport systems and infrastructure.

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The International Railway Fair staged in Gdańsk is Europe’s second largest meeting dedicated to the rail transport sector. Thanks to cooperation with Polish State Railways, the event is held on a regular basis and always attracts crowds of attendees. This year’s edition of TRAKO is expected to draw more than 700 participants from 30 countries. The fair is staged in AmberExpo in Gdańsk on 24-27 September. 

Organisers emphasise that the meeting of the rail transport sector makes it possible to showcase the current state of rail transport systems and infrastructure in Poland, Europe and worldwide. The event’s programme encompasses, i.a. debates with experts, conferences and company presentations. The fair is attended not only by rail industry delegates, but also representatives of new technology providers. Moreover, the TRAKO Education and Career Day is on the agenda.

Visitors to the International Railway Fair website will learn that “The Fair takes place every two years. TRAKO is the perfect opportunity to promote rail transport (trains and trams), freight forwarding and logistics, to present the latest technologies and hold meetings within the industry”.

This year’s programme was compiled by the TRAKO Programme Council, which includes the Commercial Chamber of Land Transport (IGTL), the Polish Association of Engineers and Technicians of Transportation (SITK RP), the Polish Chamber of Urban Transport (IGKM), as well as the Polish International Freight Forwarders Association (PIFFA).

TRAKO Fair is organised by Polish State Railways and Gdańsk International Fair. Pojazdy Szynowe PESA Bydgoszcz SA and Bombardier are among the event’s partners.

The fair is supported by the Ministry of Finance, Investment and Economic Development and the Ministry of Infrastructure. In 2017 Mateusz Morawiecki, then Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Minister of Development, gave special thanks to all the organisers and participants of TRAKO Fair.

Morawiecki’s letter states that “Railway and electro mobility are the essentials of an environment-friendly and sustainable transport system. Their development cannot be achieved without investments in innovations, new technologies and high-potential employees. The creation of a modern and competitive transport system based on rail transport and the application of alternative energy sources is among the pillars of the Strategy for Responsible Development adopted by the government of Poland”.

For more information about the event, visit its organiser’s website at:

Photo: PixaBay License/kamzyw

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