Race for hosting ECA 2022 congress now at its final stage

The Polish city of Lublin is among the shortlisted candidates for staging the 2022 edition of the European Congress of Andrology, which has never taken place in Poland before. In the semi-final Lublin will compete against Barcelona.


The organizer of the congress, the European Academy of Andrology (EAA) has been established in 1992 and associates members interested and professionally active in the discussed speciality. The non-profit organization pursues the goal of promoting scientific research in the field of andrology and of educating medical professionals and the society on male health. While the scope of EEA’s related operations is international, Europe remains the main area of its organizational activities.

Polish Society of Andrology is Poland’s leader of the project in question, with President Dr. Szymon Bakalczuk of Lublin among this year’s Polish Congress Ambassadors. Symposium Cracoviense, a PCO boasting more than 20 years of experience and PCB POT’s certificate of recommendation, initiated efforts intended to bring the event to Poland.

The first stage of operations aimed at securing the congress involved making an initial bid backed by Polish Society of Andrology’s letter of support. The full bid will be sent to all EAA members. In addition, the offer will be presented by Dr. Bakalczuk at this year’s congress held in a virtual form in the German city of Münster on 7-9 December 2020.

The ECA congress is staged every two years, with each edition attracting more than 400 delegates from all over Europe. The final decision about its 2022 host destination will be announced on 9 December 2020.

Lublin is increasingly often picked as a destination hosting major and prestigious events. The Lublin voivodeship effectively applies its economic assets focused on smart specialisations: bio-economy, medicine and health, information technologies and automation, as well as low-emission energy systems.

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