Press Tour - Silesia Impresses with Authenticity

For two days, journalists from national and international media outlets had the opportunity to experience the contrasts of Silesia, from its industrial landscapes to its natural scenery. For most, it was their first visit to the region, but it looks like it won't be their last. The press tour was organised through the collaboration between the Silesia Convention Bureau and the Polish Tourism Organisation - Poland Convention Bureau.


The inaugural press tour, organised by the Silesia Convention Bureau, took place on 7-8 May 2024. Among the invited journalists were representatives from leading MICE industry media outlets from both Poland and abroad. Polish media representatives included Magdalena Kondas, editor-in-chief of Meeting Planner, Michał Kalarus, editor-in-chief of Think MICE, and Oskar Majkrzak from MICE Poland. The international media were represented by Gorazd Čad, editor-in-chief of Kongres Magazine & Conventa from Slovenia, Paul Colston from Mash Media Group in the UK, and Manuel A. Fernandes from Belgium, representing Headquarters Magazine.



Additionally, the event was attended by two representatives from the Polish Tourism Organisation Poland Convention Bureau - Magda Mazgaj and Jarosław Marciuk, who co-organised the event.

We are delighted that Silesia Convention Bureau is achieving its goals of raising the profile of the Silesian Voivodeship by organising this first press tour. Journalists from the most important Polish and European media outlets in the meetings industry visited the region. They experienced a well-curated programme showcasing the region's contrasts, from its post-industrial to natural assets, along with professional hospitality, excellent cuisine, and above all, the authenticity of the places and people, which is becoming crucial in the meetings industry, said Jarosław Marciuk from Poland Convention Bureau.


The event's programme aimed to showcase the region's two contrasting faces in just two days. The guests first encountered its industrial heritage, skillfully revitalised to become a distinctive and competitive advantage. The study visit started with a strong impact. Dressed in coal miners' clothes, the participants descended in a mining lift to the deepest point of the mine - 355 meters underground. There, they took part in an "extra shift" - a team-building attraction offered by the Guido Historic Mine in Zabrze (Kopalnia Guido Zabrze).


This activity is for those ready for a significant effort and a substantial dose of excitement. While performing various mining tasks in the dark mine tunnels, participants felt like real miners. Teamwork paid off - the participants were delighted with the cooperation and authenticity of the place, further enhanced by the stories of guide Robert Paluch, a miner associated with the Guido Mine. After the intense activity, participants enjoyed a regional lunch at the deepest restaurant in Europe - 320 meters underground.



After the rigours of the mining shift, it was time for some well-deserved relaxation. This was provided in the best possible way by the Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła. The hotel, located in the former PTTK "Nad Zaporą" Tourist House, retains elements of its historic past, highlighting its unique character. Its location among mountain forests made it the perfect choice. The participants had plenty of experiences awaiting them, including a fine dining dinner at the Polka restaurant paired with a wine tasting and an exceptional night sauna ritual that pleasantly surprised the guests.





We are extremely pleased that the first visit of national and international journalists organised by Silesia Convention Bureau and Poland Convention Bureau included a stop in Wisła. Known as the Pearl of the Beskids, it offers an ideal setting for the MICE industry and is gaining popularity among event organisers. We appreciate that the visit to Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła was part of the #scbpresstour programme. The meeting at our venue was a great opportunity to showcase the hotel's full potential and its capacity to host unique events, said Paweł Skoczylas, director of Aries Hotel & Spa Wisła.

The final part of the programme was a visit to the Olympic Champion Jaś and Helenka's Cottage in Wisła (Chata Olimpijczyka Jasia i Helenki). The owner, Maria Pietruszka, shared the culinary passions of her family, now in its third generation of Wisła women. Guests were treated to regional dishes that made a significant impression, including kapuśnica, a soup of the Cieszyn Silesian highlanders made from broth and sauerkraut juice. After touring the museum of regional cuisine in Wisła, "The Ancestors' Capital" (Muzeum Wiślańskiej Kuchni Regionalnej „Stolica Pradziadków”) participants took part in culinary workshops where they could bake pancakes and flatbreads on a griddle.





The organisers demonstrated that it is possible to prepare truly original and impressive programmes in this region that leave a lasting impression on the invited guests. Nowadays, seeking such unconventional experiences and the 'wow' effect is incredibly important. The first day was active and post-industrial. Then it was time for well-deserved relaxation surrounded by nature. Silence, peace, unforgettable night spa, fantastic culinary experiences, and above all, great company. It couldn't have been better, added Michał Kalarus, editor-in-chief of Think MICE.

During the press tour, the group visited the following places (in Polish):

  • Miasto Zabrze
  • Szyb Maciej
  • Zabytkowa Kopalnia Guido
  • Miasto Wisła
  • Aries Hotel & SPA Wisła
  • Restauracja POLKA Wisła
  • Chata Olimpijczyka Jasia i Helenki
  • Muzeum Wiślańskiej Kuchni Regionalnej „Stolica Pradziadków”

More photos from the press tour are available on PolandCVB's Facebook. Additional information can be found on the Silesia Convention Bureau website.

Photo by Jakub Krawczyk

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