Poznań International Fair – the largest congress in 2013

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Together with the Conferences and Congresses in Poland Association, Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourist Organisation (POT) announced a competition among PCO with PCB POT’s recommendation for the organisation of the largest congress in 2013.

From among the submitted entries, the 19th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework on Climate Change – COP19 organised by Poznań International Fair was the largest event. The diploma will be officially presented to Poznań International Fair during the Gala of Polish Congress Ambassadors in Kielce on 25 September this year.

COP19 was held on 11–22 November 2013 at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The record-breaking number of participants of this event amounted to 12,000 people, including 90% from abroad and 10% from Poland.


The congress involved over 2,000 meetings, seminars and panel discussions, as well as 140 press conferences for over 1000 accredited journalists from all over the world.

Meeting in numbers:

•    314,956 square metres of surface rented by the Ministry of the Environment, which organised the summit,

•    2200 and 1900 guests that could be accommodated in the largest halls constructed at the main pitch of the National Stadium,

•    15,000 square metres of carpeting laid in offices, conference rooms and corridors,

•    21,000 Internet sockets,

•    130 km of electrical wires,

•    2 km of partition walls to create office and conference rooms,

•    2700 members of technical staff working 24h/day during the entire summit,

•    1500 accredited journalists from all over the world.

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